You may have noticed our fresh additions to the newsletter as Hannah Macklow has taken on the responsibility of publication. Hannah works in the library at McKinnon Primary School.



We are very pleased to announce that we have received $280,000 from the “School Pride Fund”. These funds were announced in the State Government’s budget yesterday. The funds will be used to upgrade our school oval to a synthetic surface. This is an amazing result for McKinnon Primary and we thank our School Council and our local member Nick Staikos for all their work in securing this funding.



Year 4 Camp was a huge success this year as we trialled a new camp called Camp Oasis in Mt Evelyn. The camp was extremely well run and both staff and students enjoyed the experience immensely.

A huge thank you to the staff who attended; Brendan Lehmann, Emelia Karanikolas, Mitch Cooper, Diana Tuyau, Amy Liu, Hannah Macklow, Suzanne Khatib, Andrew Lusted, Kieren Reith, Emma Craig  Emily Koene and Justin Brown Team Leader for leading the planning and ensuring the camp ran without a hitch. Well done Team!



Please don’t forget to come along to our School Council Annual Public Meeting being held on Monday 15th May at 6pm. During this time we will discuss the school annual report which is attached to this newsletter for your reference and hear from our Mathematics Leading Teacher Chris Barker about what is happening with teaching Maths at McKPS.



Next Tuesday 16th May at 2.30pm we are holding a special assembly for the presentation of our Year 6 Student Leadership and Year 2-5 Student Representative Council badges. Nick Staikos MP is joining us for this special celebration of student leadership at McKPS. We look forward to our community joining us for this special event.



On Monday 22nd  May at 6pm in the staffroom we are holding a session for parents to come along to learn about navigating their way around the portals we have available. The QKR! session will run from 6-6.30 led by Perry Kick from QKR! And Compass will be led by the Year 2 teacher Julianne Power. We look forward to you joining us for this event.



We have our Cross Country event coming up on 15th May. We would really appreciate the assistance of any available parents for this event. Contact Mr. Hislop if you are interested and available on that day.



How cybersafe are you? Does your child have access to the internet at home? Do they have access via their phone? Are they allowed to search the internet freely without your supervision?

The staff continue to model and teach our students about the impacts of being cybersafe! This is a very real and current issue with so many young and vulnerable people having access to devices and Internet access. This involves social media as well. There are many age restrictions on certain Apps and social media sites. Parents need to be aware of these. They exist for a reason. Many of these software packages are trackable and without appropriate settings being applied, locations are easily visible. Additionally to this is the fact that a young person chatting to another unknown person may seem and feel innocent to the user…. how do they (or you, or me) know who is actually on the other end of the chat site???

Here a few of the available sites and their current age limits:

Snapchat – 12 years

Instagram – 12 years

Facebook – 13 years

Kik, Tumblr, Vine, Omegle – 17+ years

Cybersafety is a real issue. Apart from perpetrators, there are also so many examples of cyberbullying that students need to be aware of. There are potential dangers of using such software and communications. We often talk to children about stranger danger…what about cyber stranger danger?

As a school, we are committed to educating and promoting safe online practices. We continue to do this via our participation and accreditation as an e-smart school. This involves teaching the students and modelling targeted and explicit cybersafe practices. We also promote a positive and supportive learning culture through our whole school wellbeing programs. This permeates across the school and helps to ensure students conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times (online or in person). As a parent you have a significant role to play in educating, modelling and policing online behaviour and activity. Be aware not alarmed! And most importantly be proactive and educated on the ever evolving cyberworld.

If you have any concerns please contact myself or your child’s teacher.



A reminder to any parents who have siblings enrolling for next year, please complete the school’s enrolment forms and hand them into the office ASAP.



As the end of April has passed us by, our compulsory SunSmart policy no longer requires children to wear hats during outside activities. However, we remind families that being mindful of our SunSmart focus never goes away. It is good to have our school hats on hand and ready for use as required in times of extreme sunshine!



A reminder that students arriving late must be signed into the school via the office and collect a late pass for class and any students leaving early are also requested to be signed out of the school. Parents are then required to take early leave passes to classrooms to collect their children. Parents and guardians are the ONLY people to sign students in and out of the school. Students are not allowed to do this nor is this legally acceptable.



Well done to our Year 3 and 5 students who have completed NAPLAN this week and a big thank you to the teachers who have ensured organisation is tight and students are supported during the testing period.

Have a great weekend

Simone, Ben and Natalie