The Year 5 camp was a huge success with students engaging in many activities which
tested their skills and challenged them to try new things. The students enjoyed bush
dancing, initiative games along with other adventure activities and the opportunity to enjoy
the beautiful location. The staff were outstanding, engaging with students and making the
most of the time away. Thank you to Mat Smith who organised the camp and the Year 5
teachers Paul Pellegrino, Adam Sloan, Chris Barker and Rochelle Ballard. We would also
like to thank the additional supervising staff who attended Emelia Karanikolas, William
Meng, Nigel Higgins, Kieran Reith, Rebecca Hales and Emma Craig. The feedback we
received from the camp about the way our children participated and behaved was
Thank you to the parents who have nominated to join our School Council in 2017. Our first
meeting will be held on Monday 20th March at 6pm. We are pleased to confirm the 2017
School Council members are: Carly Griffen, Mark Henery, Wayne Kitney, Monique
Bockling, Emma Lockwood, Natasha Hosein, Simone Eirth, Ben Moncrieff, Natalie Rose,
Suzanne Khatib, Soeren Lange, and Mark Pountley. Steve Milward will continue his role as

Eligible families are welcomed to apply for funding support supplied from the government.
A payment of $125 per primary school child is availed to those eligible parents/carers.
Please contact the office for further details.

We are pleased to announce that due to active parents in our community the Glen Eira
Council announced at the most recent council meeting that they would be sending an
officer down to report back to the council on how the safety can be improved for our
students who need to cross Tucker Road during school hours, including extending 40km/h
times. We as a school have also asked the council to investigate a pedestrian crossing for
Moylan Street to assist with safety.

Earlier this week the Department of Education informed us that we will be receiving a new
toilet block for the Eastern site of the school. A site inspection will take place in the coming
weeks to choose a suitable location with an installation date hopefully during the school
holidays. Once the toilets are installed fencing around the carpark will be the next step.

Parents are reminded to please not park in the staff carpark. This is still a growing issue
that needs to be avoided. We are also having some problems with congestion in and
around the school. Unfortunately we don’t have great parking facilities however, this can be
improved through everyone’s awareness, consideration and patience. We have been
informed that the council will be active in issuing infringement notices in coming weeks. We
have received a number of reports of students whom are not utilising our school crossings.
Please take advantage of this resource and ensure your children are crossing the nearby
roads with safety in mind.

The seventh National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence will be held on Friday
17th March, 2017. Please mark this date in your diaries, because McKinnon Primary
School, students, staff and parents are taking action to say ‘Bullying. No Way!’
Our Year 4 students will lead this important day and engage all students in a range of
activities to help build their understandings about bullying, managing difficult situations and
a range of conflict resolution strategies. Parents and carers have a key role in preventing
and responding to bullying as well. If you are interested in how to respond to bullying as a
parent and how to manage a difficult conversation with your child/children, please refer to
this website for a range of resources and advice.
The most important step in helping your child is to learn what bullying is and what it is not.
This is the first step in talking about how to prevent or respond to bullying with your child.
‘Bullying’ is a word that is used for lots of things that are not actually bullying. These other
behaviours may be just as serious, but may require different responses.

Well done to all of our representative swimmers who participated in the Division Swimming
Carnival. All the students competed to the best of their ability and it was great to be there to
share in the team spirit. Great to see so many parents, friends and grandparents in
attendance. This was a big help spurring on our swimming stars. Some students have now
made it through to represent the school at the next stage of competition at the District
Swimming Carnival which will be held on Wednesday 15th at Caulfield. Good luck to all
those students involved.

Excitement is starting to build up, as we get ready for our first fundraising event of the year.
All students have received their sponsorship forms and are eager to get out there amongst
their family members, friends and neighbours and find sponsors. Every lap counts and
every dollar raised goes towards a project spent on our students, improving their facilities
and grounds. Come walk with us to McKinnon Reserve on Wednesday 22nd March from
9:00 – 1:00pm and cheer our students on!
Parents’ Club is looking for volunteers, so if you can assist please email Julia Henery and
her wonderful team on

Don’t forget our whole school photo day is on Thursday 23rd March. We will
be using School Pix online services. More information will be distributed
next week, so please check your child’s bag for all the details.


Riding to school is a great way for students get some physical activity prior to the school day. Physical exercise is a great pre-condition to learning. A reminder to any students riding to school that we have some very clear requirements for students choosing to ride.  All students must wear a helmet  There is to be no riding of any vehicles in the school yard  Parents are responsible for their children’s safe travel to school  All vehicles are to be parked in the bike shed and not in the classrooms

ICAS – INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS AND ASSESSMENTS FOR SCHOOLS ICAS is a competition in Australia and across many countries of the world. It provides an opportunity for all students in Years 3 to 12 to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. It provides parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in the areas of English, Mathematics & Science. The student report is useful for highlighting your child’s strengths and areas for improvement. All students receive a certificate and an individual student report indicating which questions they answered correctly and their score compared with the rest of the students tested. Certificates are awarded for each year level as follows: High Distinction to the top 1% of entrants Distinction to the next 10% of entrants Credit to the next 25% of entrants Participation to all other participating students. A UNSW medal is awarded when the highest score in each year level in each state in each subject is judged to be sufficiently meritorious. Students must sit on the official sitting dates to be eligible for a UNSW medal. Parents pay for each subject and their test booklet. Testing is conducted on specific dates as listed below. This competition is not designed for all children and the pressure of testing can be quiet overwhelming. Discussion with your child is very important before you proceed. The school will not use any of these results for any internal tracking of student performance, as this is a competition and not intended for anything but to provide a different opportunity for our students and celebrate all achievements. This is the first time McKinnon will be offering this competition, depending on community interest levels. If you are interested in your child participating could you indicate your expression of interest by emailing the school on with the subject line – ICAS.

Depending on the interest levels, we will determine if we proceed. If you have any other queries, please contact Mrs Rose.



LABOUR DAY AND CURRICULUM DAY Please be reminded of the upcoming curriculum Day on Friday 10th March and the Labour Day holiday the following Monday 13th March. School will recommence as normal with teacher supervision beginning at school from 8.45am on Tuesday 14th March. Thank you to all our parents who have made sure their child doesn’t arrive at school prior to 8.45am. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Enjoy your extra-long weekend,

Simone Eirth-Principal

Ben Moncrieff-Assistant Principal

Natalie Rose-Assistant Principal