Welcome back to Term 2. It is with great delight we welcome our new Business Manager Jodie Geri to our team. Jodie has been working as the Business Manager at Montague Continuing Education Centre and is very looking forward to joining the team. Jodie has been in for a couple of induction sessions and will start full time with us on Monday 1st May. Additionally Gail Petta will be taking leave from Monday 1st May for the rest of Term 2 and will be replaced by Jackie Pollard who has been working at Brighton Secondary.


We had our first meeting of the 2017 school council at the end of the last term. At this meeting we discussed the needs of our school and the work we do together as a council and community. As a result of this conversation we have formed the following sub committees and invite any community members along to be a part of them. You don’t have to be a member of the council to be a committee member, so if you would like to come along please email the school and place the committee name in the subject line, this will be forwarded on to the convenor. Due to other commitments sometimes the dates vary, so always a good idea to check the dates on compass and in the newsletter. We look forward to additional community members becoming involved in these committees.

Sub Committee Convenor Meeting Times VENUE May Meeting
Education Suzanne Khatib 1st Tuesday in the month @ 8am Learning Centre @ MCKPS Tuesday 9th May @ 8am
Communication and Marketing Natasha Hosein 1st Tuesday in the month @ 5.30pm Meeting Room @ MCKPS Tuesday 2nd May @ 5.30pm
Building and Grounds Ben Moncrieff 1st Thursday in the month @ 8am Meeting Room @ MCKPS Thursday 4th May @ 8am
Finance Jodie Geri 2nd Friday in the month @ 8am Meeting Room @ MCKPS Friday 12th May @ 8am
Parent Club Julia Henery Once a month Fridays AM 7pm Staffroom @ MCKPS Friday 19th May @ 9.10am


We also have our Annual Public Meeting this month on Monday 15th May at 6pm in the staffroom. Please come along and join us as we share the 2016 Annual Report. We will also have a presentation from our Maths Leading Teacher Chris Barker who will share with you the mathematics direction for 2017. The 2016 Annual report will also be distributed with the next newsletter.


After a process of inviting and analysing feedback from students, parents and teachers we have implemented a new system for our 2017 school student leaders. Students have participated in a variety of selection processes in pursuit of gaining a position. Students have written applications, participated in interviews and presented speeches. This varied depending on the position they were applying for. We were impressed by the standard and commitment demonstrated by all our students and the way they dealt with the disappointment when they weren’t successful. However all Year 6 students have a received a position  There will be a badge ceremony and once the date is confirmed we will share the details of this celebration.


At McKinnon PS we are always committed to ensuring high levels of supervision and safety of our students at all times, and work in partnership with our families to continue to do so. We are extremely grateful to a large proportion of families who have supported DET supervision guidelines and have made provision for their child’s care when supervision is not available at the school. These options have included:

 Before and after school service at CAMP Australia

 Buddy up approach, whereby groups of students can meet at one home and collectively arrive at school on time.

 Parents who have initiated a shared role/responsibility with other families to walk, ride, and car pool to school.

 Senior students who have become more organised and have planned their home departures at an appropriate time.

School staff provide supervision from 8:45am – 3:45pm. Any student arriving before 8:45 will be asked by staff to make their way into the office area and will be sent to after school care, incurring some charges. For your child’s safety, please make sure they arrive at school after 8:45, please drop them off at the school grounds not at local parks, shops, side streets and ensure they are not left in the school grounds after 3:45 or in the streets waiting to be collected. We all want to ensure our students are not left stressed and worried by adult decisions and sometimes busy lifestyles. We once again thank our families who have made the appropriate arrangements for their child/ren.


Across McKinnon students commemorated and explored the meaning of ANZAC day. We have had many activities happening around the school over the past few weeks, in the lead up to this day with students making good use of the literature around the ANZACs and also around meaningful concepts such as: Peace, Conflict, Bravery, Courage and War. Students created class wreaths with hand cut-outs to display in their windows and in the Learning Centre.Anzac day poppy

Enjoy the weekend,

Simone, Natalie & Ben