We would like to remind all parents/carers that learning spaces, e.g. library, Learning Centre and classrooms are NOT to be used as waiting zones before school finishes. If you do arrive to school prior to 3:30pm, please wait outside your child’s classroom and not is these spaces. We need your continual support with this matter.


100 DAYS!

Our amazing Foundation students have made it to their 100 day milestone at school! The children loved the celebrations on Friday where they dressed up as 100 year old citizen of our community. Well done Foundies, you should feel very proud!!



A reminder to any parents whom have siblings commencing school next year to please submit your enrolment form ASAP. Similarly if you are planning on leaving the school in 2018, please inform the school in writing. We are starting to commence planning for the 2018 school year and fluctuations in enrolments has an effect on staffing and resourcing.



We acknowledged the massive contribution that our ES staff have on our students in and out of school. The dedication of the MCKPS ES staff is amazing! Their ongoing support and dedication enhances our school in so many ways. Supporting our educational programs, supporting individual students, developing and facilitating support and extension programs, enhancing school wide events, operating our office and supporting our overall success is greatly appreciated by the staff and no doubt acknowledged by our whole school community. On behalf of the students, parents and teaching staff, we say a HUGE thank you to the whole of our ES staff! We are so privileged to have your dedication and commitment with us every day.



Please keep checking in on your family’s personal Compass page as there are often new events being posted regularly. We have also found that some of our student reports weren’t downloading correctly. If this was the case for you, please re-download your child’s report as this issue has been resolved by Compass.



Starting this week you can collect earn and learn stickers from any Woolworths store and submit these at our local Bentleigh store or simply drop them in the box located at the school’s front office.

Your contribution will support the school to obtain valuable resources for our students.



Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Most medical costs will be refundable by Medicare. If you are a member of an ambulance or health insurance fund, you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses from the fund.

The Department of Education and Training does not hold accident insurance for school students.

Is other insurance cover available? Yes.

The Department is aware of two insurers, JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd and Willis Australia Ltd., that provide accident insurance policies for students. These policies provide specific benefits for students who are injured in accidents for a reasonably low cost. Other insurers may also do so.



Please do not use the staff carpark for drops offs or pick ups. This space is for staff only and it is not a space we want children walking through.

Additionally, we have received notification from local council that they will be patrolling neighbouring streets and enforcing parking regulations.



Attendance at school is a vital component of a child’s learning. At McKinnon we work extremely hard to develop a comprehensive and individualised curriculum for all students. Having your child at school, all day, every day ensures we can continue to provide a continuous and consistent learning program. Research shows that a student who misses 10 days in a calendar year is expected to perform at least one band lower on their NAPLAN scores than students whom attend regularly. Over time, students who regularly miss school will be at a clear disadvantage and their school success is compromised. The implications of this can be huge. Student success is dependent upon good attendance at school. Regular attendance enables students to access a full education, allowing them to reach their full potential. Students with poor patterns in primary school usually have poor patterns in secondary school and often disengage from school. There is a direct link between school attendance and achievement later in life. Poor attendance also makes it difficult for children to form positive relationships with their peers therefore; we feel that good attendance is essential for all MCKPS students.


Unacceptable reasons for allowing children to stay home from school include; fulfilling adult duties such as child-minding, keeping an adult company, visiting friends and relatives, shopping trips and birthdays. Where possible try and avoid taking holidays in school time. If you are taking a holiday in school time please inform the Principal in writing, well in advance. If your child is absent please immediately notify the school. When your child returns to school please complete the absence report on the Compass Portal that clearly outlines the reason for your child’s absence accompanied by a doctor’s certificate if appropriate.


At MCKPS, we have explicit processes for tracking absences. This includes late arrivals and early departures.


We classify a child as late if they arrive at school after 9am. Parents/guardians are expected to complete the sign in form on the iPad and take a late pass to their classroom teacher if they arrive after this time. If a child is 15 minutes late everyday by the end of the year that is the equivalent of 8 days away from school. Please ensure that your child is on time for school every day. The need for punctuality and the impact lateness can have on student learning and classroom routines is extremely important. Our lesson structure dictates that most of the instruction is done in the first 10 to 15 minutes of class so if a student misses this it is hard to catch up.


If you are experiencing difficulties in getting to school regularly and on time, please contact the school so we can discuss potential support for you.



Over the past two weeks four students from Year 5 have been participating in “Little Scientist Program” run by the John Monash Science School located at Monash University. Our students attend each week and conduct scientific experiments with students from other schools in our Network. This week’s task was to design a package for an egg to survive a three metre fall.


Have a great weekend,

Simone Eirth               Ben Moncrieff                          Natalie Rose

Principal                     Assistant Principal               Assistant Principal