Preparation for 2018 Classes Begin

As we begin our process of 2018 class placement the first step is to confirm student numbers for 2018. The second step is to provide an opportunity for parents to have input to their child’s class placement if they believe there is a specific learning need their child has.

Please check the Compass post information regarding the 2018 Class Placement process. Included in the attachment are details about the criteria for writing a request for your child’s class placement and a process for notifying the school if you are leaving in 2018. This information helps to facilitate the process for class placement which is thorough and complex. Please read the attachment for more information. Parent requests deadline is the end of this term, Friday 22nd September 2017.


Science Week

Last week we had a tremendous Science week with celebrations across the school. Thank you to all the teachers who got involved, the PYP team for their leadership and the students for their enthusiasm for all things science. One particular highlight was the egg drop challenge. This involved teams of students creating a device that would keep the egg intact when it was dropped from the double storey portable. There were great squeals of delight!


Start of Book Week Celebrations

We started this week with our Book Week celebrations beginning with the Book Fair in the library. Thank you to all the parents and children who have come along and purchased books. As part of the fun and celebration of quality literature, the library has begun to transform into ‘Narnia’ with a large display based on the CS Lewis’ classic “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe”. So please pop on in and share your love of literature. Finally don’t forget our very special dress up day for the F-2 students on Thursday 31st August at 9am. We look forward to seeing you there.


F-2 Production

It was a night of singing and dancing last night with our F-2 students singing up a storm. There were smiles from the students as they performed on stage and sheer delight dancing across the eyes of parents and grandparents as they watched on with pride. A huge thank you must go to the team who ensured this night was a success this includes our outstanding F-2 teaching team who have worked with our students practising and praising their efforts during the whole process. Thank you to the team for organisation and communication of the event: Robert Minshull, Ben Moncrieff and Suzanne Khatib.


ICAS Science Competition Results

Congratulations to all students in Year 3-6 who participated in the ICAS Science Competition held last term. This is the first time our students had this opportunity and we are very proud of all of their results.

Students will be receiving recognition for their efforts with a certificate of acknowledgment. We had 73 students  participate, with 38 receiving Participation, 7 Merit, 14 Credit, 12 Distinction and 2 High Distinction certificates.

Congratulations to the following students: These students will receive their certificates at their next Celebration of Learning Assembly. The Mathematics & English results are still being processed and will arrive sometime next term.


Woolworths earn and learn is back!

Keep collecting your earn and learn stickers from any Woolworths store and submit these in the box located in the school’s front office. Your contribution will support the school to obtain valuable resources for our students.


Restorative Practices Australia

We are delighted to have Vic & Liz O’Callahan from Restorative Practices Australia, join our school community from 11th -14th September to run workshops for the students, staff and parents. McKinnon Primary School has adopted restorative practices as one of our approaches to promoting student and community wellbeing.


Restorative Practices (RP) is grounded in principles designed to create powerful relationships, which are central to building thriving communities. RP represents a paradigm shift that focuses on the harm done, rather than on the rule broken, in the restoration of relationships. RP is a reflective practice that encourages personal responsibility, giving a voice both to the person harmed as well as the person who caused the harm. RP aids in the acceptance of cultural differences by offering an equitable process where all members of a community feel valued and heard, and in turn, are more likely to bring their best self to the community.


Through restorative practices, members of the school community will:

  • have an opportunity to be heard
  • understand the greater impact of one’s actions
  • learn to take responsibility
  • repair the harm one’s actions may have caused
  • recognise one’s role in maintaining a safe school environment
  • build upon and expand on personal relationships in the school community
  • recognise one’s role as a positive contributing member of the school community.


Liz & Vic will be running two workshops for parents/carers.


Monday 11th September 7:00-8:30pm

Thursday 14th September 9:00 – 10:30am


Please don’t miss this opportunity and book a place at either workshop by emailing the school on


For further details about the work of Liz & Vic please refer to their website.


FREE – Schoolmate APP

Want to find out more about what your child is learning at school in each subject at each year level?

Need practical tips about what you can do at home to help support your child’s education?


SchoolMate is an essential App for parents of school-aged children in Victoria, Australia.

Produced by Victoria’s Department of Education and Training, SchoolMate will provide parents with a roadmap to help aid their child’s learning at home and at school. Please click on the link below to access this free app.


Parent Survey

A reminder to those parents whom received notification to participate in the 2017 Parent Opinion Survey please complete your survey by midnight on Sunday 3rd September.



As you might have all heard, I have been appointed as the Acting Principal of Ormond Primary until the end of this year. I wanted the opportunity to wish you all a very successful end of Term 3 and beyond.

I look forward to this exciting new career opportunity and will miss all the students, families and staff. Thank you for your support over many years and hope to visit you all soon.


Hope you all have a great weekend,

Simone, Ben and Natalie