I hope all the male parents/grandparents/guardians had a wonderful Father’s Day this weekend. Hopefully our students managed to find a little something at our recent stall to help celebrate the day. Thanks again for Mary, Florence, Parents Club and all of the parents who helped to make this possible for our students. We greatly appreciate your time and effort to make this run so smoothly.


On Friday September 15th we will be holding our Sports Colours day. This will be a fun day of activities and provide students with the chance to wear their favourite colours from any sport! We are asking students to donate a gold coin on this day to assist with Year 6 graduation. This event will become an annual event dedicated to supporting our very special graduation celebrations.


Last week saw the whole school dressed up as their favourite characters. The Foundation-Year 2 students began the day with a parade in the gymnasium. It was fantastic to see all our students dressed and getting into the spirit of celebrating books and reading.


McKinnon PS was saddened to hear of the recent passing of former teacher Phillip Rudolph. Phillip worked at McKinnon PS for several years. He was a remarkable teacher who started many, many students off on their inquiry journey. What a beautiful, selfless and giving man he was. Phillip will be remembered fondly by his colleagues and former students. RIP Phillip.


Last night’s Soiree was a display of the musical talent we have within our school community. Many students performed with flair, enthusiasm and talent. We would like to thank Robert Minshull for organising the event and our outstanding staff for once again supporting extra curricula activities we have at our school. A special thank you goes to the audience who cheered and smiled and applauded the efforts of our students from Foundation all the way through to Year 6.


At McKinnon PS we are always committed to ensuring high levels of supervision and safety of our students at all times, and work in partnership with our families to continue to do so. We are extremely grateful to a large proportion of families who have supported DET supervision guidelines and have made provision for their child’s care when supervision is not available at the school.

These options have included:

  • Before and after school service at CAMP Australia
  • Buddy up approach, whereby groups of students can meet at one home and collectively arrive at school on time.
  • Parents who have initiated a shared role/responsibility with other families to walk, ride, and car pool to school.
  • Senior students who have become more organised and have planned their home departures at an appropriate time.

School staff provide supervision from 8:45am – 3:45pm.

Any student arriving before 8:45am will be asked by staff to make their way into the office area and will be sent to after school care, incurring some charges.

For your child’s safety, please make sure they arrive at school after 8:45am, please drop them off at the school grounds not at local parks, shops, side streets and ensure they are not left in the school grounds after 3:45pm or in the streets waiting to be collected. We all want to ensure our students are not left stressed and worried by adult decisions and sometimes busy lifestyles. We once again thank our families who have made the appropriate arrangements for their child/ren.


Keep collecting your earn and learn stickers from any Woolworths store and submit these in the box located in the school’s front office. Your contribution will support the school to obtain valuable resources for our students.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

Simone, Ben and Suzanne