School Council held its monthly meeting on Monday18th September. Some of the highlights from this meeting were:a presentation delivered by Angela Henry (English Leading Teacher) on how English is being taught at McKinnon PS, an update on the school oval rejuvenation, confirmation of the school’s locally agreed starting and finishing times (8.45am – 3.45pm), and the approval of the Year 2 sleepover.



A reminder that we have commenced our Sun Smart period of the year when students are required to wear hats outside. The wintery type of weather in recent times has belied the need for the hats, but it is very important to remember that it is still a requirement of Sun Smart schools due to UV levels at this time of year. We still have a number of students forgetting to bring hats to school. It’s a shame when we need to confine their play times to shaded areas so your support in this issue is appreciated.



As you know, our school has been participating in Woolworths Earn & Learn. The program has now finished for this year, so a big thanks to everyone who supported our school. We’re now at the important stage of the program where the Sticker Sheets are collected and lodged as our Earn & Learn claim. We will then be able to get new educational equipment for our school. The more we collect, the more we can redeem. So this term, please send in your Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheets and any loose Earn & Learn stickers you may have. Remember to check your handbag, the car glove box or they may be stuck on the fridge. Every little bit helps. Thank you again for all your support! 



From Monday 11th-Thursday 14th September parents, teachers and all students participated in a range of workshops to build our capacity in the area of ‘Restorative Practices’ run by Restorative Practices Australia. Groups of students have also been trained to assist in the playground as Restorative Playground Mentors. These sessions were met with great enthusiasm from the students, teachers and parents. All participants explored a range of strategies and questions to use when we experience small to large conflicts as well as key questions we can use to best resolve issues. These questions allow a ‘Restorative Chat’ to occur ensuring that every person’s views heard and respected and that solutions can be determined to best move forward.

We have received very positive feedback from the parent sessions and we would like to say a big thank you to those parents who attended the Monday evening and Wednesday morning sessions your support and reinforcement in this area will be invaluable.



We have had yet another action packed term and would like to wish all our families a relaxing and safe break over the holidays.

Simone, Ben and Suzanne