The thank you morning tea was a huge success with staff bringing in beautiful food to show their appreciation for all the wonderful work our parents do around the school. A big heartfelt thank you to you all.


The Swimming Carnival was a terrific event last week. Thank you to Mr Hislop for organising and all the staff and parents who helped out on the day.


The Year Six students attended their secondary school orientation programs this week. The majority of students will be heading to McKinnon Secondary College and Bentleigh Secondary College. Students are also enrolled into Brighton SC, Glen Eira SC, Oakleigh SC and a small range of Catholic and independent schools. We wish them all the best as they enjoy their last few days at McKinnon Primary School.

Our Year Six students began their Year Six graduation celebrations on Wednesday with a lovely lunch at the McKinnon Bowls Club. The parents did a lovely job decorating the room and the students appreciated the luncheon.

The celebrations then continued with a more formal ceremony at the Kingston Town Hall in Moorabbin. The ceremony provided an important opportunity for all students to celebrate their many successes of primary school and to say farewell to their classmates as they head towards secondary school.

On behalf of the organising committee, I thank the many volunteers who have contributed to the organisation of the event. A special thank you to David Kefaloukos and the Year Six teachers in ensuring the students are well prepared for the ceremony and the continual encouragement and support demonstrated towards students throughout the year.


We will have our final assembly for 2017 in the gymnasium on Monday 18th December commencing at 2.30pm. It will be an important opportunity to farewell our Year Six students, other students leaving McKinnon Primary School, along with a goodbye for staff.

A reminder that all students will be dismissed on Friday 22nd December at 1.30pm.

Camp Australia will offer care from 1.30pm on the final day of term should supervision be necessary with the early dismissal of students. There’s also a very comprehensive Holiday Club program that’s accessible for all students. Please see the Camp Australia website for further information.


Students in Year One –Year Six will begin classes on Wednesday 31st at 9.00am. Foundation students will begin classes on Thursday February 1st.


Next year as always we have four curriculum days.

The first two will be on Monday 29th January and Tuesday 30th January. These days will be spent on operational procedures and analysing and interpreting student data. In Term 2 on Thursday 26th April we have invited an expert in mathematics and problem solving, Charles Lovett, to work with all the teachers for the day. Our final curriculum day in Term 3 on Friday August 3rd will be used to target reading and spelling with David Hornsby an English consultant.

These days have been approved by the School Council, please mark them in your diary.


We are all looking forward to the Year Six Exhibition taking place next week. Students from Foundation to Year Five will have a special viewing time during the day on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th December and Year Six Parents will be invited to a special evening to view the outstanding research and investigations the students have been undertaking this term.

For any other parents in Foundation to Year Five we welcome you to come and view this amazing culmination of student learning on Monday 18th December from 3:30-3:45 or on Tuesday 19th December from 9:00-9:30am.


On Friday 8th December, our Year One students held their ‘Endangered Animals Expo’ teaching parents staff and students about the causes of endangerment around the world. It was great to see every student’s hard work pay off with many students developing their posters and displays for many weeks. It was amazing to see just how passionate our young Year Ones were when asked questions about their animals.


This year has been a very productive and successful year and we would like to thank all our staff for the wonderful commitment they have shown to all our students.

At the end of this year we will farewell Zoe Lee, Justin Brown, Brett Dempster and Jeff Klyne on Monday 18th December at our final assembly. On behalf of the school community, I would like to thank these staff members for their dedication and energy providing the very best for our students. We wish them all the very best for the future.

Additionally, we have a number of staff who are taking leave next year for various reasons and I would like to wish them all the best in their new adventures for the next 12 months. Rochelle Ballard, Lenny Boyd, Mitchell Cooper, Georgie Parker, Peter Scarfo, Nigel Higgins and Lyn Wisdom.

Next year we welcome new members of staff to our team Shawnee Arranga, Elizabeth Walker, Nadia Butta and Marseal Shaana along with returning staff Polly Hislop and Sheridan Duffy. We also look forward to Natalie Rose returning at the start of the year.



If you are at the school over the holiday break, if you notice anything concerning, would you please contact Caulfield Police Station – 9524 9500

Wishing everyone a safe, restful and enjoyable summer break. Look forward to seeing you all back in 2018!

Have a great weekend

Simone Eirth    Ben Moncrieff              Suzanne Khatib

Principal         Assistant Principal   Assistant Principal