It has been a great start to the school year. Thank you to all the parents who have made sure they have organised everything for the new school year to begin smoothly for their children. We have had a great take up of the excursion and sports levies and many parents relieved  to know they do not have to worry about payment for events. Book packs have also gone smoothly and thank you again to you all for organising this in advance.


Our community is rich with diversity and has 36 nationalities represented in our population. On behalf of the community we would like to welcome our new families and invite everyone to join us for the Twilight Market combined with the Welcome BBQ on Friday 16th February starting at 3.00pm concluding at 8.00pm. Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered for the stalls. Currently our teachers are filling the roster so please pop in and put your name down.


As a school community our focus of intercultural understanding and respect for one another forms the platform from which we all interact. As we have so many new families who have arrived at our school, with our gorgeous Foundation students showing such enthusiasm and excitement as they start their first year at MPS, it would be terrific to see many of you at this event.  The Parent Club who work tirelessly throughout the year to build community and raise funds for our school will once again lead this event.


A big thank you to the contributions of our outgoing President Julia Henry, Vice President Brenda McDonald and Treasurer Ranjula Nilaweera. They together with the team have ensured the success of our Parent Club. The 2017 Parent Club were responsible for many events last year and raised a large number of funds which paid for the shade sails on both our school sites.


2018 STAFF

The staff have been working hard to ensure transition back to school life for families has been smooth. We welcome our new staff members Miss Bianca Tomaino (Year 6), Ms  Liz Walker (Year 5), Ms Shawnee Arranga (Year 5), Ms Marseal Shaana (Year 2), Miss Nadia Butta (Foundation) and Miss Tess Wilson (PE). Also joining our Student Support Team is Shraddha Apte, Carolyn Pinn and Heather Saba. We also welcome returning staff members Sheridan Duffy (Performing Arts) and Polly Hislop (Art).



Last year our school council approved the Curriculum Days so please put these in your diary for your reference. On these days students do not attend school, providing an opportunity for teachers to engage in professional learning. Please note below the professional learning focus which is connected to our school 2018 Annual Implementation Plan.

Thursday 26th April – Problem Solving and extending students in Mathematics with Charles Lovitt

Friday 3rd August – Comprehension and Thinking Skills in English with David Hornsby



The Victorian Government provides assistance for Camps, Sports and Excursions. If you have a Concession Card you may be eligible to receive $125.00 per annum for each primary school student through the CSEF (Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund).

Application forms are available on line (https://www.education.vic.gov.au/about/programs/health/Pages/csef.aspx?Redirect=1) through the Department of Education and Training Website or from the School Office. We need a copy of your Concession Card.


The requirement for parents to complete and submit a new application form each year has been removed from 2017. Parents that received CSEF at the school in 2017 do not need to complete an application form in 2018, proving there has been no change in your family circumstance.

The school will be in contact if we have any difficulty with rolling your application over.



Please be aware there is no supervision in our yard until 8.45am or after 3.45pm. Please make arrangements with Camp Australia if you need to drop your child off before or after this time. There number is 0438 166 863. Please ensure you have organised appropriate supervision for your child. If children are repeatedly early or aren’t picked up by 3.45pm they will be enrolled at Camp Australia and costs will apply to families.



Personal property is often brought to school by students, staff and visitors. This can include mobile phones, calculators, toys, sporting equipment and cars parked on school premises. Please note that the Department of Education and Training does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.



As outlined by Department of Education and Training parents and guardians are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. If you wish for your child to be insured for accidents at school, student accident insurance policies are available from some commercial insurers.



We have very dedicated and committed staff whom are constantly working hard to provide our students with wonderful learning opportunities. Whilst we encourage and welcome the ongoing communication with parents, we ask that parents please try to keep all buildings clear during our pick up times. We value the learning time that we have with your children and hope to maximize our day from 9am until 3.30pm. I ask you to please wait for your       children outside our buildings until the bell rings. At any time you can contact the office via phone or email to set up a meeting time with your child’s class teacher on 9578 1851 or mckinnon.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au


Please understand a lot of the work teachers do is in the staffroom and as employees they have the right to have a space where they can have sensitive conversations and discuss students’ private information. So please avoid walking through the staffroom and consider the staff needs and choose a different route. We thank you for this respect in advance.

If you do need a space to use please check in at the office so we can find an appropriate space for you.



We look set to start our oval upgrade in April which is very exciting… stay tuned for more information.



A reminder that we will conduct our whole assembly on the final Monday of each month. Our first whole school assembly will take place on Monday 26th February 2:45pm-3:30pm. All assemblies take place in our Gymnasium.



Thanks to those parents who have made payments towards their school fees. If you are yet to submit your payment plans please do so ASAP and this supports the school in budget provision and to plan appropriately for your child’s participatory program. We have a wonderful learning environment at McKinnon PS and for us to continue to provide the highest quality learning experience we reply upon parent contribution and fundraising. Much of the operational costs including provision of computers (including laptops), high quality school resources, extra sports equipment, library/ICT support and equipment, quality art and science supplies and maintenance, along with the provision of new curriculum initiatives are supported solely from local fundraising, including parent payments.



On days when it is extremely hot the children will remain in classrooms and be supervised as they are on wet days.



Just when you thought the building works were nearly over- here we go again! Well this may be a different sort of building. Across the school, we have all been engaged in a school-wide mini-unit called Building a Learning Community. Students have been using the Central Idea of ‘A supportive learning community helps us take risks with our learning and achieve our personal best’ with the Key Concepts of Function- How does it work? and Responsibility- What is our responsibility? to help them. They have all been exploring what a learning community feels like and how it best works to meet the needs of all learners. They have been reflecting on all of the Learner Profile Attributes and PYP Attitudes to develop their Class Essential Agreement, which will govern how they will treat each other throughout the year.  Part of this unit also see students taking responsibility for their own learning and setting goals for themselves which they will share with you at the upcoming Three-Way Conferences.



On Thursday 1st February, students came to the library to help celebrate World Read Aloud Day. The book “We are In a Book” by Mo Williams led story time and students then participated in a craft activity to follow. This is a favourite story of many students and teachers at McKinnon and part of a hilarious series called the Elephant and Piggie Books. We have many more Elephant and Piggie Books in the library available to borrow so come and check one out soon! Happy Reading Aloud!



Start collecting your vouchers from Coles and bring them to school. There is one collection bin in our office area and one located on the eastern campus in Mr Michael Smith’s room. Hopefully we will reach our target of 6,000 vouchers.


Congratulations once again to all of our wonderful students on making such a positive start to the school year.


Once again we welcome you all back to the 2018 school year and we look forward to seeing you throughout the school year.


Enjoy the weekend ahead

Simone, Ben and Suzanne