It was sensational to see so much interest in our school council election with over 1000 votes being counted. It was a close race. Congratulations to our parent representatives Natasha Hosein, Wayne Kitney, Soren Lange, Rebecca Newboult and Louise Schirmer.

The DET members for 2018 are Ben Moncrieff and Andrew Lusted. Please stay tuned for our next newsletter which will include our school council update.


Please be reminded of the upcoming Labour Day holiday. School will not be open on Monday 12th March. Students will not be required at school on this day.


A reminder to keep collecting your vouchers as this will help our school to gather resources that will support your children.


A recent safety concern that we have been addressing with our students is the number of bikes/ scooters that we have observed being ridden before or after school in the yard. Our school openly promotes the benefits of physical exercise and we think it is great to see so many of our students choosing to travel to school in a healthy manner. Despite this we need to be very mindful of the potential for serious injury that may occur when this equipment is ridden in a populated pedestrian area particularly with blind corners around buildings. If your child rides a bike or scooter to school, please take this opportunity to remind them that they are to be strictly walked and not ridden when on the school grounds. We thank you for your support on this issue.


Eligible families are welcomed to apply for funding support supplied from the government. A payment of $125 per primary school child is available to those eligible parents/guardians.


School attendance is vitally important for all students to get the most out of their education. There is an expectation that all healthy students attend for the full school day, every day, unless there is a significant reason for them to be away. On these occasions please communicate promptly the reason with the classroom teacher. There is much research on the negative impact of students missing significant amounts of school and the continuity of their learning. A growing concern is the number of students that are regularly arriving late to school. This is disruptive to the class and has a negative impact on students establishing a consistent morning routine in their classroom and the sharing of information etc.



In the Education State, we achieve excellence by consistently focusing on improving the achievements of learners across Victoria, whether it is through improving the quality of educational services or changing the way we teach.

The most important thing we can do to improve student outcomes is to develop and improve the skills of our teachers. The Victorian Government will continue to provide opportunities to develop professional, passionate teachers and principals and equip them with the right knowledge and skills for a modern classroom. To ensure we support the learning and development of not only our students, but our teachers too; we are committed to providing professional development opportunities for our teaching workforce.

As part of the Victorian Government Schools Agreement 2017, teachers will receive one day per term when they are out of the classroom to focus on the improved delivery of high quality teaching and learning. Your child’s teacher will spend four days per year further developing their skills in areas that are aligned to the school priorities. Your child will directly benefit from these improvements in their daily learning. On these days, an alternate teacher will be provided with the learning plan for the day and be well equipped to assist your child with their learning needs. We are scheduling the professional practice days ahead of time so there is minimal impact to students and, where possible, there is consistency in teaching.

At McKinnon we have a strong commitment to ongoing professional learning and improvement. Our school wide framework provides many opportunities for staff to improve their practice, improve curriculum and teaching and learning programs and approaches. Our professional learning is student centred and wherever possible is scheduled for minimal impact on classroom programs. If you would like more information on the professional practice days please feel free to contact the school.

Enjoy the long weekend

Simone, Ben and Suzanne