It was an assembly of celebration on Monday as our student leaders received their badges. A big thank you to Nick Staikos MP who came along to share this special event. The school captains Linh and Tyne gave superb speeches outlining their commitment to leading the school on behalf of all our students. Our Student Representative Council were also very excited to receive their badges during the ceremony. A special thank you to Stewart Simpson, David Kefaloukos and Lucy Curl for leading the student selection process and organisation of the assembly.



Today we turned the first of many sods on our bumpy oval with Nick Staikos MP. This has been a long time coming for the community, with talks first beginning as early as 2010. We are all very excited about our oval makeover with fences being erected this weekend as mentioned in the Compass post on Wednesday. Last year the school council voted to increase the scope of the work and this was supported with the funds the community had raised over the years. The size of the job increased by 35% with the inclusion of the asphalt area outside the tennis courts and the area south of the existing walking path. Parent contributions have been integral to making this development happen and we thank you for your contributions. It will take approximately eight weeks to complete.



We had our first meeting of the 2018 school council this week. At the meeting we:

  • Welcomed and inducted our new members Rebecca Newboult and Louise Schirmer
  • Reviewed the 2017 Annual School Report which was endorsed by council and will be shared with the community next term once approved by DET
  • Approved the Year Six Canberra Tour from the 28th May until the 1st
  • Approved the 2018 Indicative Budget
  • Congratulated the Parents’ Club on an outstanding Twilight Market which set a record breaking profit
  • Approved the hiring facilities for a Chess Club to begin Term 2


If you would like to attend any of our sub-committee meetings we would welcome your involvement. Please send an email to and place the committee name in the subject line, this will be forwarded on to the convenor. Due to other commitments sometimes the dates vary, so always a good idea to check the dates on Compass and in the newsletter.
The following times of the meetings are as follows:

Sub Committee Convenor Meeting Times VENUE May  Meeting
Building and Grounds  Ben Moncrieff 1st Thursday in the month @ 5pm Meeting Roomnext to principal’s @ MCKPS Monday 7th @ 5pm
Education Suzanne Khatib 1st Tuesday in the month @ 8am Learning Centre @ MCKPS Tuesday 8th @ 8am
Communication and Marketing Natasha Hosein 1st Tuesday in the month @ 5.30pm Meeting Room next to principal’s office @ MCKPS Tuesday 8th @ 5.30pm
Finance Wayne Kitney 2nd Friday in the month  @ 8am Meeting Room @ MCKPS Friday 11th @ 8am
Parent Club Rachel Simmelmann Once a month Fridays 8am or 7pm Staffroom @ MCKPS Friday 11th May @ 9.10am


Our annual public meeting is scheduled for Monday 21st May at 6pm in the staffroom. Please come along and join us as we share the 2017 Annual Report.




A reminder to all parents/carers about the need for all people who help in the classroom, on excursions and camps or any other times when adults are with children, that they require a Working With Children Check. This can be obtained by logging on to the Department of Justice website;

Please remember to nominate McKinnon Primary School as one of your organisations when applying.


Please remember that the school term ends next Thursday 29th March at 2:30pm. Term 2 will commence on Monday 16th April.

 Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday break.

Simone, Suzanne and Ben