A big welcome back to everyone! We’ve really enjoyed hearing from our students about all the exciting things they have been doing with their families over the holiday period. It’s been noticeable how positive and refreshed everyone has been.



The Year Four Camp was sensational last week. We had the pleasure of watching the Talent Show on Thursday night and what a delight that was. We were lucky enough to be entertained by singers, dancers, comedians, actors and not to mention super quick fingers completing the rubric cube puzzle in under thirty seconds. It was a sensational camp, many thanks to Brendan Lehmann for organising along with the super supportive team Amanda Young, Stav Karabatos, Pam McNamara, Molly Sweeney, Hannah Macklow, Paul Pellegrino, Amy Liu and Ana Farrell who ensured our kids were safe, learning and having fun.



We had a fantastic day at the walkathon on Tuesday. Thank you to the Parents’ Club for organising this amazing and well-run event. The financial contributions collected from our community will go towards improving our school grounds and purchasing three new flag poles which will be installed on the east side of the fake grass area (our outdoor assembly area).



Yesterday the staff engaged in a professional learning day with Maths consultant Charles Lovitt. Charles’ main message from the day was the importance of a balanced mathematics classroom and the power of collaboration. Other themes included the benefits of students explaining and justifying their thinking, having ownership over tasks, creating a personal connection in lessons, using concrete materials and movement (kinaesthetic) within Maths lessons. Staff were actively involved in the learning. It was an extremely beneficial day of learning for staff.




The oval upgrade is progressing very well. We meet with the installers this morning to discuss the progress. We are happy to report that everything is on track and our new sporting field will be full of students very shortly.



A reminder that students arriving late to school must be signed into the school via the office and any students leaving early are to be also signed out of the school. Parents are then required to take early leave passes to classrooms to collect their children. Parents and guardians are the ONLY people to sign students in and out of the school. Students are not allowed to do this nor is this legally acceptable.



We all want our students to get a great education, and the building blocks for a great education begin with students coming to school every day. Missing school can have a major impact on a child’s future – a student missing one day a fortnight will miss four full weeks by the end of the year. By Year Ten they’ll have missed more than a year of school. There is no safe number of days for missing school – each day a student misses puts them behind and can affect their educational outcomes. Coming to school every day is vital, but if for any reason your child must miss school, there are things we can do together to ensure they don’t fall behind: Speak with your classroom teacher and find out what work your child needs to do to keep up. Remember, every day counts. If your child must miss school, speak with your classroom teacher as early as possible. If you’re having attendance issues with your child, please let your classroom teacher know so we can work together to get your child to school every day.

Simone, Ben and Suzanne