On May 15th, 16th and 17th students in Years 3 & 5 will participate in the annual NAPLAN test. These tests are nationwide and provide an insight into student performance under strict testing conditions on one particular day. These tests can sometimes come with some level of anxiety and trepidation. Whilst we analyse the results of these tests to help build a picture of students in differing testing scenarios, we are very much aware that student learning evolves in varied ways for all students. These tests are not the only reflection of learning or performance. At McKinnon PS we maintain a focus on holistic learning that represents the progress of the whole child over time. We offer a breadth and depth of curriculum that is not represented in the NAPLAN tests and we are constantly assessing student performance in a range of settings and curriculum areas. If you or your child is experiencing any concerns regarding NAPLAN, please contact your child’s teacher.



Last Sunday over fifteen parents assisted with our special working bee to install two picnic tables and spread mulch over our garden beds. As a result, the school looks fantastic and we would like to thank all the parent/carers who assisted on the day. A big thank you also goes to Mark Pountley who coordinated all the tasks and organised the purchasing of the materials needed.



Our oval upgrade is on track to be completed by the end of May. The weather has been very favourable which has meant the work has progressed uninterrupted. We can’t wait to open our new space in the near future.



This year we have been speaking a lot about the importance of gratitude and the astounding effects that appreciating what we have and showing gratitude has on our wellbeing.  This is a special time to show gratitude and appreciation for the special women in our lives and we want to wish all of our Mothers, Grandmothers and the special women who care for us a very happy day on May 13th.

On Thursday afternoon the Foundation students put on a show to celebrate mothers and special friends. After a wonderful performance, everyone made their way upstairs for a jam-packed afternoon of craft, scones and laughter. All in all a very special and fun afternoon for all involved. Thank you to all the mums and special friends for your support and enthusiasm, the students were very excited to show you a snapshot of what they have learnt so far!


Now, we hope that we are not giving any surprises away for what your weekend has in store – however, we must say that the McKinnon PS Mother’s Day stall was a huge success! We would like to extend a big thank you to Florence and all of the volunteers who spent countless hours ordering, sorting, wrapping, and presenting a wide range of gifts for our students to choose.


Thank you again for all that you do and we wish you the happiest of days on the 13th – we wouldn’t be here without you!


EDUCATION WEEK 2018 – 21st-26th MAY

This year the state of Victoria will celebrate the 74th year of ‘Education Week’ where we all come together to celebrate the strengths and achievements of our government education sector.

The theme for Education Week 2018 will be about celebrating the arts and it is a wonderful chance for our students to showcase their learning in this area connected to a range of their units of inquiry. Students will have the opportunity to participate in fun activities during the week in the school library and we also invite you to come along on Monday 21st May for a special Open Evening from 5pm-7pm. You can look forward to seeing learning related to: creativity and aesthetics, arts through a cultural lens and a photography exhibition just to name a few. We look forward to seeing you all there!



On Tuesday the Years 3-6 students participated in the school cross country competition. We would like to thank Mr. Dylan Hislop for all his organisation to ensure the day ran very smoothly.



As we farewell the month of April we also farewell the compulsory wearing of hats whilst outside. However, there are often times when wearing hats provides required protection from the sun. Whilst not compulsory, it is a great idea to keep your child’s hat in their bag for when these times can arise over the next few months.



Tonight’s Round 8 match, Hawthorn Vs Sydney at the MCG will be for the prestigious 2018 BeyondBlue Cup. Hawthorn have made Will Danckert from McKinnon Primary School, Year 4C their Number 1 Hawthorn Fan for the week. Will was fortunate to meet all his favourite Hawthorn players plus the coach ‘Clarko’ and attended the last training session for the week at Waverly Park, where he had the amazing opportunity to be introduced to all the players and be ‘drinks person’ on the ground while the players trained.


As the Number 1 Fan he will also have special access to the players rooms before the game where he will watch them warm up, how cool is that!


The organisation BeyondBlue is highlighting an important message to the footy fans this week to promote and raise awareness throughout our entire community so every Australian has the opportunity to have the necessary tools for dealing with mental health issues. Go Hawks!


How cyber safe are you?

Does your child have access to the internet at home?

Do they have access via their phone?

Are they allowed to search the internet freely without your supervision?

The staff continue to model and teach our students about the impacts of being cyber safe! This is a very real and current issue with so many young and vulnerable people having access to devices and internet access. This involves social media as well. There are many age restrictions on certain Apps and social media sites. Parents need to be aware of these. They exist for a reason. Many of these software packages are trackable and without appropriate settings being applied, locations are easily visible. Additionally the fact that a young person chatting to another unknown person may seem and feel innocent to the user….how do they (or you, or me) know who is actually on the other end of the chat site???

Here a few of the available sites and their current age limits:

Snapchat – 12 years old

Instagram – 12 years old

Facebook – 13 years old

Kik, Tumblr, Vine, Omegle – 17+ years old


Cyber-safety is a real issue. Apart from perpetrators, there are also so many examples of cyber bullying that students need to be aware of. There are potential dangers of using such software and communications. We often talk to children about stranger danger…what about cyber stranger danger?


As a school, we are committed to educating and promoting safe online practices. We continue to do this via our participation and accreditation as an eSmart school. This involves teaching the students and modelling targeted and explicit cyber safe practices. We also promote a positive and supportive learning culture through our whole school wellbeing programs. This permeates across the school and helps to ensure students conduct themselves in a positive and respectful manner at all times (online or in person). As parents/carers, you have a significant role to play in educating, modelling and monitoring online behaviour and activity. Be aware, not alarmed! And most importantly be proactive and educated on the ever-evolving cyber world. If you have any concerns please contact the school or your child’s teacher.


Please also take the time to check out our eSmart/Cybersafety tools under the curriculum link on our website.



Over the last couple of weeks, we have had a number of parents/carers and neighbours very concerned about drivers ignoring the road rules. It appears that some parents/carers think it is okay to park in the middle of the road, stopping traffic in both directions and letting their children run through parked cars to get to their car. This is very dangerous and we urge all road users to follow the road rules. If you see a car not doing this please call the council to alert them of the unsafe driving behaviour. The council number is 9524 3333.

We wish everyone a happy Mother’s Day.

Simone, Ben and Suzanne