We were so pleased to have seen such a wonderful turn out at our 2019 Parents Information Sessions last week.  Feedback from both our staff and the parent community has been extremely positive around the opportunity to get together to speak about learning so early in the year. Staff from all year levels spoke about approaches to English, Maths, Wellbeing, Digital Learning, Units of Inquiry, the essential elements of the PYP amongst many other areas. We thank you for taking the time to attend, some of you on multiple evenings and we look forward to continuing to share your child’s learning journey with you.


We have developed ‘School Wide Expectations’ at McKinnon Primary School in consultation with student voice from across the school. Over the past few weeks, students have been discussing these in their classrooms and unpacking what it looks like to show each expectation. The expectations are designed to be simple to follow and very easy to remember and practised in all areas of the school. These expectations are:


 The next exciting step is to hold a drawing competition for logos/pictures/mascots for each expectation. The Student Representative Council (SRC) will be announcing details of this competition very soon so stay tuned and please encourage your child to enter.

The SRC will also be spreading the word and organising activities around BULLYING. NO WAY! DAY which is being held this year on Friday 15th March. This is a national day recognising the work done in schools every day to prevent bullying.

Visit for further information around this national day.


Thanks to those parents who have made payments towards their school fees. If you are yet to submit your payment please do so ASAP as this supports the school in the budget provision and also to plan appropriately for your child’s participatory program. We have a wonderful learning environment at McKPS and for us to continue to provide the highest quality learning experience we reply upon parent contribution and fundraising. Much of the operational costs including the provision of computers (including laptops), high-quality school resources, extra sports equipment, library/digital technology support and equipment, quality art and science supplies and maintenance, along with the provision of new curriculum initiatives are supported solely from local fundraising, including parent payments.


Any parents requiring OHSC in 2019 are asked to log on to the Team Kids website via:


Eligible families are welcomed to apply for funding support supplied by the government. A payment of $125 per primary school child is availed to those eligible parents/guardians. Please see the attachment for further details.


Classroom helpers and volunteers are required to sign in via the school office. This involves, if you haven’t already, providing the office with a copy of your Working with Children (WWC) card, agreeing to the school’s Code of Conduct and wearing a visitors lanyard with your WWC inside. Whilst this may be seen as an imposition, we encourage you all to follow this process which ensures the safety and wellbeing of our students. We highly value and appreciate any form of support from home. If you have previously registered your details, these need to be updated as some WWC cards have expired and must be renewed prior to continued work in schools.


In the Victorian education system, it is compulsory for all students to attend school each day of the school year. At times an absence may be unavoidable, however, every effort must be made to ensure students attend school on time each day. Evidence tells us that students who regularly miss days of school are at risk of missing out on learning the basic building blocks in subjects, and may experience long term difficulties with their learning. School attendance helps children develop social skills, such as friendship building, teamwork, communications skills and develops healthy self-esteem. Please try to ensure that any appointments are made outside of school hours. To maximize learning opportunities we need all students here all day. If this presents a problem for you and your child please make time to see us. All late arrivals and early departures need to be signed in/out at the school office by a parent/guardian at the Compass Kiosk on the front counter. It is not acceptable for a student to sign themselves in or out of the school. Late passes and early leave passes are provided through the office. This is a strong focus of the Department of Education & Training. Further information can be found on the website:


In line with the school’s policy, Term 1 is a SunSmart term. This requires all students to have the appropriate navy wide-brimmed hat. These SunSmart hats are to be worn during all outside activities during Term 1 and until the 30th of April.


On days when it is extremely hot, the children will remain in classrooms and be supervised as they are on wet days.


Please be vigilant in clearly naming all uniform items and personal belongings (lunch boxes, sports equipment etc.) This allows us to return any found items to the rightful owner.


We ask all families to please ensure that you have up to date contact details on Compass and at the office. This includes your current address, phone numbers, emergency contact details, etc. Student enrolment information was sent out to all families on 15th February by email – please make any amendments and return to the office so the Admin Team can update your file.

Any students who have a medical condition must have up to date medical records at the office. Of most importance is to ensure asthma, diabetes, and anaphylaxis management plans are current. These need to be signed off by your local doctor and are required to be updated annually. Of course, these documents are so important to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all students, especially yours!


Children are our most vulnerable road users and to address this road safety issue school speed zones with lower speed limits were introduced many years ago. Motorists should be aware that children in traffic are not like adults. They can be unpredictable and because they are small, they can be hard to see. So take extra care and slow down when you drive past any school. Research shows that slowing down helps to both avoid crashes and reduce their severity. According to the Monash University Accident Research Centre, an 11 per cent reduction in speed reduces road deaths by 40 per cent. Even a small reduction in travelling speed dramatically increases the chance of a child surviving a collision. Read more about safety on our roads via the VicRoads website.

Please observe the parking restrictions and speed limits around the school. Local council and Victoria Police often patrol these areas. We have three pedestrian crossings that are supervised each day before and after school. Please use this service and ensure all children use these crossings. Also please note that the staff carpark is not for parental use. This presents a danger to students and if parents use this space our staff will have nowhere to park!

Never leave children unattended in cars on hot days, it is important to remember that you should never leave your child alone in a car. The temperature inside a car on hot days begins to rise as soon as the door closes and within minutes the temperature inside can be double the temperature outside. Leaving children in hot cars – even for a moment – can result in injury or death. Young children’s smaller body size and underdeveloped nervous system places them at a much greater risk of life-threatening heat stroke, dehydration and other serious health risks. Victorian legislation makes leaving a child unattended in a car a criminal offence. Penalties have recently been increased and can include six months in jail. If you are travelling with a child in a car and you need to get out, make sure you take your child with you. No exceptions. No excuses. Your child’s safety is non-negotiable.

Have a great weekend

Simone, Ben and Suzanne