Thank you to all of our parents, students and staff who participated in our school review process. It has been a rewarding opportunity taking the time to stop and reflect on what has been achieved over the last three years and plan for the next four years. Our Strategic Plan will be developed and shared with the community in Term Two.


It was an assembly of celebration on Monday as our Year Six student leaders received their badges. A big thank you to Nick Staikos MP who came along to share this special event. The school captains Ella Groom, Xavier Sung, Rafael Chow and Mckinley Markham gave superb speeches outlining their commitment to leading the school on behalf of all our students. A special thank you to Mrs Catherine Hales for leading the student selection process and organisation of the assembly. It was a lovely celebration to be a part of.

Also on Wednesday, our Student Representative Council members received their badges. Congratulations to the students who were voted on by their peers. Our semester one councillors are: Emma Kumar, Salvador Gontmakher, Charlotte Hislop, Jeein Kang, Saumya Singh, Hagar Gafni, Tanisha Gunawardena, Riva Guliya, Eve McNamara, Vicky Bui, Mia Lee, Cameron Paech, Nicholas Butera, Huy Nguyen, Angelina Avdyugin, Hannah Lin, Kas White, Daniel Sidur, Daria Gheorghe, Andy Luy.


We remind ALL parents to PLEASE NOT park in the staff carpark. This area is out of bounds for students and our staff require this space to safely enter and leave the school. Your support in this area is greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, recently we have had parents accessing this carpark which has provided considerable disruption to our staff.


We remind all families to utilise our school crossings when approaching and leaving our school. The school is surrounded by busy streets that provide potential dangers when crossing roads and travelling home. There have been concerning reports in recent times of some students scooting dangerously around our neighbouring streets. Please be sure that any students who choose to ride or scoot to school wears appropriate safety helmets and stays well away from the roads, utilising the footpaths.


Thanks to all of the parents who have been supporting and helping around the school. Your contribution is highly valued and makes a significant impact on the students (as well as supporting the staff) in our focus on improving student outcomes. It has been fantastic to see so many parents being part of school programs such as: reading each day, representative swimming, Friday treats, inter-school sport, Colour Run etc…

A reminder that all volunteers are required to obtain a current working with children card. This helps to ensure our Child Safe Standards are being met.


Thank you to Soeren Lange for his organisation of the working bees last weekend. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t on our side with showers and hail all day. The main aim of the working bee was to remove all the old mosaic tiles and spread the new mulch into all of our garden beds. As you can see from the photos, the small hard working team was able to achieve this. Thank you so much to the parents who gave up their weekend to support the school.


A reminder to all parents/carers about the need for all people who help in the classroom, on excursions and camps or any other times when adults are with children, that they require a Working With Children Check. This can be obtained by logging on to the Department of Justice website; www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au Please remember to nominate McKinnon Primary School as one of your organisations when applying.


The Year Four campers have all arrived back safely, looking a little weary after an action-packed camp. Thank you to the Year Four team for their leadership of this event and additional staff, Paul Pellegrino, Austin Reith, Ashleigh Klooger, Jess Bence, Ana Farrell, Adriana Keys, Shradha Apte and Chris Barker.


The Year Five students have been hard at work over the past six weeks developing content for the student-run newspaper, The Monthly Pickle. This is an entirely student-run concept and provides students with the opportunity to work on developing their writing, editing and computer skills. Students have met with peers and teachers to develop and discuss their ideas before planning, drafting and publishing their pieces. The interest and drive from the Year Five students means that the newspaper will become a part of the McKinnon Primary School culture.

In Term Two there will be two newspapers released by the students. You will see newspapers being released on the following dates in Term Two: Friday, 24th May and Friday, 28th June. The students have done an outstanding job and is a reflection of “student voice” in our school.


Please remember that the school term ends today at 2:30 pm. Our first day back in Term Two is Tuesday 23rd April.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday break,

Simone, Ben and Suzanne