Our General Public Meeting will take place on Monday 19th August at 6:00pm in the staff room. During this meeting the School Council will be presenting the Annual Report and our new School Strategic Plan. We encourage all parents/carers to attend this annual meeting.


Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Most medical costs will be refundable by Medicare. If you are a member of an ambulance or health insurance fund, you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses from the fund.

The Department of Education and Training does not hold accident insurance for school students.
Is other insurance cover available? Yes.

The Department is aware of two insurers, JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd and Willis Australia Ltd. that provide accident insurance policies for students. These policies provide specific benefits for students who are injured in accidents for a reasonably low cost. Other insurers may also do so.


This week a number of families were randomly selected to participate in our annual Parent Opinion Survey. If you were one of the recipients we encourage you to participate in the survey as we value your feedback and input. The survey needs to be completed by Sunday 11th August.


Many of our students walk, ride and ‘scoot’ to school through our local streets. We encourage students to take this opportunity to promote physical health and wellbeing, as well as helping to reduce the traffic on our roads and the related congestion and environmental effects. The majority of our students travel safely, however several concerning behaviours have been observed recently. It would be most appreciated if parents/carers could speak to their children about safe road/pedestrian behaviour and ensure that road rules are followed by all members of our community to ensure safety for all. Please call the council to report inappropriate behaviour if you see it on 9524 3333 or visit their website to make a complaint


At McKinnon we place the utmost importance on student safety. In supporting this we are adopting the Department’s focus on same day absence notifications. This means that, together we can account for the whereabouts of all students at all times. We need your support. Parents are responsible for notifying the school of all absences. We ask parents to enter any absence on their child’s Compass page. This should be done as early as possible prior to an absence from school (even the morning of an absence). After calling the roll each day the school will be sending an SMS message to the parents of those students who are absent without explanation. Parents are then asked to either update their Compass page to reflect the absence or contact the school immediately if they are unaware of the absence. This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind. In order for this system to work effectively, we need to have your most up to date contact details.


Next Wednesday on the 14th August at 2:35pm the whole school will participate in a simultaneous minute of meditation which we are calling the McKinnon Mindful Meditation Minute. This will launch the McKinnon Wellbeing Model which details major wellbeing practices at our school. Some of these include: mindfulness, gratitude, growth mindsets, restorative practices and the zones of regulation to name a few. We look forward to sharing the wellbeing model and photos with you in our next newsletter.


The ICAS (International Competition and Assessment for Schools) are now online. These assessments are designed to recognise and reward academic excellence. The program provides an opportunity for students in Years Four – Six to gain a measure of their own achievement in an external testing situation. It provides teachers, parents and students with comprehensive reporting of results in the areas of English and Mathematics. These tests are designed for students who are working well above the expected level for their year level. If you are interested in participating, please see the Compass Newsfeed at the top of your profile page for further information.

Have a great weekend,

Simone, Ben and Suzanne