As we begin our process of 2020 class placement the first step is to confirm student numbers for 2020. The second step is to provide an opportunity for parents to have input into their child’s class placement if they believe there is a specific learning need their child has.

Please find attached to this Compass post information regarding the 2020 class placement process. Included in the attachment are details about the criteria for writing a request for your child’s class placement and a process for notifying the school if you are leaving in 2019. This information helps to facilitate the process for class placement which is thorough and complex. Please read the attachment for more information. Parent requests deadline is the end of this term, Friday 20th September 2019. Please email requests to the school email with Class Placement 2020 in the subject line.


What a demonstration of ‘Reading is My Secret Power’ we have shared this week to celebrate Book Week!

This week we have made time to drop everything and read and dressed-up for our fun and colourful cheerful character parade, a brilliant book fair, a riveting read-aloud morning, some special staff storytellers and these are only the events we had planned for.

A huge thank you to all those amazing people involved in making Book Week so special for our school community. Particular thanks go to our staff members Mrs Hadas Paz, our librarian and our Book Week team Marcia Paturzo, Maria Antiohos, Mariana Martheze. Katy Lange and Dee Palanisamy, they did a great job organising parent helpers, decorating and maintaining the displays and a great deal of selling. Thanks also to Andrea Truckenbrodt who led the team. May you all be inspired to read more and share this love of reading with all those around you.


Science Week was a celebration of all things science! Foundation and Year Two worked together to complete science experiments. The Year Three students held science demonstrations in the learning centre every lunchtime, captivating their audience with outstanding knowledge of science experiments. Year One students had rockets flying freely due to their well-considered designs. Finally, the Year Four students investigated the mass of objects in space. All year levels had parent experts visit and share their expertise from immunology to forensic science. It was a hive of science activity. Thank you to the parents, students and staff who made these wonderful opportunities happen.


At McKinnon, we place the utmost importance on student safety. In supporting this we are adopting the Department’s focus on same day absence notifications. This means that together we can always account for the whereabouts of all students. We need your support. Parents/Carers are responsible for notifying the school of all absences. We ask parents/carers to enter any absence on their child’s Compass page. This should be done as early as possible prior to an absence from school (even the morning of an absence). After calling the roll each day the school will be sending an SMS message to the parents of those students who are absent without explanation. Parents/Carers are then asked to either update their Compass page to reflect the absence or contact the school immediately if they are unaware of the absence.

This system also promotes daily school attendance. Going to school every day is the single most important part of your child’s education, they learn new things every day – missing school puts them behind. In order for this system to work effectively, we need to have your most up to date contact details. Please reviews yours on Compass.


Parents and guardians are generally responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including any transport costs. Most medical costs will be refundable by Medicare. If you are a member of an ambulance or health insurance fund, you may also be able to claim transport or other expenses from the fund. The Department of Education and Training does not hold accident insurance for school students.

Is other insurance cover available? Yes. The Department is aware of two insurers,

JUA Underwriting Agency Pty Ltd and Willis Australia Ltd provide accident insurance policies for students. These policies provide specific benefits for students who are injured in accidents for a reasonably low cost. Other insurers may also do so.


Over the next two weeks we have two of our long-term staff retiring.

Denise Visser who has worked in the office at McKinnon Primary for over twenty years is retiring. Denise was appreciated by staff and the school community as being professional and contributed to the management of the school office.

Additionally, Peter Levecke is retiring. Peter has been a huge asset to our school and has made many connections with our students, families and staff.

We wish both Denise and Peter all the best in their retirement.


Hope you all have a great weekend

Simone, Ben and Suzanne