The China Tour was outstanding. William Meng was sensational as our tour guide, translator, photographer, negotiator, publicity promoter, Bus DJ and chief organiser of the event. In this newsletter you will find a summary of our trip and you are also invited to hear from the students and what they took away from the experience at a presentation night on Monday 28th October at 6pm. A huge thank you to David Kefaloukas and Suzanne Khatib who were also on the trip and to the students who made the trip so much fun and full of learning. Also to the parents who trusted us to take their children overseas and were so grateful their children got to experience this opportunity.


The Red Poppy emblem is a symbol of those who have fallen in times of war and the Poppy Appeal is run in the lead up to Remembrance Day. The Poppy Appeal contributes significantly to the fundraising work of the RSL. The largest fundraising activity of the Appeal is the sale of poppies beginning in late October each year. Poppies are available at the school in various denominations and the money raised is used to assist both current and former serving members of the Australian and Allied Defence Forces and their dependents when in need. The RSL encourages all Australians to purchase a poppy and ‘Remember in November.’


We were observing our students during yard duty the other day and was impressed by the high level of compliance by our students in remembering their Sun Smart hat in the yard. We need to be especially careful during high UV times as it does not take long in the sun for burning and skin damage to take place. Much better to take protective measures such as covering up, wearing sunscreen and wearing hats so that our students can enjoy the outdoors. A reminder to our community that students without hats in the yard will be sent to a designated sun-protected area. Another important reminder is for students to ensure they neatly store their hats in a secure area such as their bag or on their lockers during class time and make sure it is clearly labelled with their name so that it is returned to them if misplaced. Our SunSmart policy clearly states from 1st September to 1st May our hats are on!


We are well underway for the planning for 2020. This includes our staffing, programming and home group allocations. The composition of our year level structure is also being developed. Preparing home groups is an exhaustive process that our whole staff commit many hours to getting right. There are many considerations in developing classes including social, emotional, behavioural and academic needs of each class. Additionally we always consult with our students on whom they would like to be in their class next year. Students provide a list of requested peers, we ensure that at least one of these peers is included. When planning for next year it is imperative that we have received notifications of any new enrolments (Foundation siblings) and also notified if you are leaving the school. We try to manage the influx of new enrolments to sustain positive class sizes and forward planning is most helpful to this. Thank-you for your support and timely communication on this matter.


We welcome Daniel Walker to our team as the new Grounds and Maintenance person.

Have a great weekend

Simone, Ben and Suzanne