A huge thank you to our marvellous parents who put on a superb World Teacher’s Day Lunch for all the staff at McKinnon Primary. The staffroom looked amazing. The teachers would like to thank the Parents Club for all their time and hard work in making this lunch a huge success. We all really appreciate all the support you give our school.


The Year Five students have recently enjoyed the opportunity to attend Grantville Lodge for this year’s camp. They were blessed with beautiful weather throughout the four days. Our students have enjoyed some fantastic opportunities to participate in all aspects of the camp. Our school camping program provides a unique learning experience that allows students to extend their learning journey outside the classroom. Camps provide a challenging opportunity for children to develop their independence, interpersonal, teamwork and risk-taking skills. All of the students thoroughly enjoyed the chance to enjoy the country-style setting and the challenge of experiencing the adventure-based facilities at the camp. We express huge thanks to the dedicated team of staff who attended the camp and supported our students so amazingly well. Thanks to Adrianne Keys, Shawnee Arranga, Robyn Meier, Chris Barker, Molly Sweeney, Bianca Tomaino, Ana Farrell, Kieren Reith and especially to Andrew Lusted who has put in huge amounts of time and energy in coordinating this camp. Thanks to all of our families who support this program and allow their children to participate in such a rich and rewarding learning experience.


Last Thursday night, over eighty Year Two students arrived at school with their sleeping bags, mattresses, and overnight bags to begin their camping experience at McKinnon Primary School. The teachers planned engaging activities and cooked wonderful food for all those who attended. The night activities were intended to provide students with a camp experience where they were working on their independence. The day time experiences were again designed to improve our students’ independence and team-building skills. Thanks to Molly Sweeney, Diana Tuyau, Adam Sloan, Paul Pellegrino, Mat Smith, Nadia Butta, Stav Karabatos, Ana Farrel and Shae Glass for staying over with the students. We would also like to acknowledge those teachers who stayed late and arrived early to assist. They are Amanda Young, Lee Harrison, Julianne Power, Andrea Truckenbrodt, Bianca Tomaino, Polly Hislop, Shawnee Arranga, Dylan Hislop and Tania Costello.


Next Thursday night (7th November) our amazing Foundation-Year Two students will be performing their annual production on our oval. The night will feature all our Foundation-Year Two students but we invite all families to attend this special event. There will be a BBQ starting at 5:00 pm with drinks, ice-creams and coffee, all available to purchase. The show will begin at 6:00 pm, so please ensure you arrive early, bring along your picnic rug, purchase your dinner and enjoy the performance.


On Monday we came together to celebrate and share the incredible China Study Tour of 2019. The students took us on their journey, through their eyes and recounted their adventures from Shanghai to Beijing.  The seventeen Year Five and Six students prepared PowerPoint presentations and we watched video highlights of all the major experiences. Some of the students’ highlights included:  the food, the homestay experience, learning about the culture, the Sister School, the attractions, the Great Wall and did I mention the food? A big thank you to William Meng for the incredible role he took in this tour experience. We would like to also show our appreciation to all the staff, families and students involved in this trip and we look forward to planning the next trip in 2021.


Last Tuesday night we welcomed over seventy parents to our 2020 Foundation information night held in the Learning Centre. The teachers presented on all things McKinnon and showcased all the wonderful programs that are available at McKinnon Primary. Thanks to the staff and parents who attended.


We value our volunteers at McKinnon Primary School and know that the benefits of parental involvement improve the community spirit of the school.

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all of our students. In keeping with our values, the school’s Visitor Policy and the guidelines of the Department of Education, we would like to remind all parents/carers that you need to hold a current Working with Children Card (WWCC) to be able to assist within the school.

This includes parent helper sessions, Friday treats, school camps, excursions, sports events, and more.

The office needs to hold a copy of your volunteer WWC card. As part of our ongoing commitment to child safety you are expected to carry your WWC card with you around the school, displayed in the visitor pocket you will be given when you sign in. So always remember to sign in at the office when you are helping out or even going on an excursion.

To apply for your WWC Check visit It is free to organise a volunteer card and cards last for three years. If you advise that McKinnon Primary is a place you will be volunteering, renewal information is sent directly to the school.

To update your card on file, please bring it into the office and we will photocopy the card and return to you. Teachers will be advised of updated cards for the students in their class.

You do not need to hold a WWC if you are visiting the school as part of an audience (eg. assemblies or information evenings/sessions) or attending public events at the school.

Thank you for your support with this important issue and we look forward to seeing you around the school!

Have a great fortnight,

Simone, Ben and Suzanne