CALENDAR OF EVENTSCalendar of Events

Upcoming Events

21may(may 21)12:00 pm(may 21)12:00 pmYear Six Noon of the Notables (Parents Invited)

21may(may 21)5:00 pm(may 21)5:00 pmOPEN EVENING

28may(may 28)9:00 am29jun(jun 29)9:00 amHouse Athletics Carnival

30may(may 30)9:00 am(may 30)9:00 amYear 3 History Box incursion

31mayalldayalldayCurriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)

03jun(jun 3)8:15 am07(jun 7)8:15 amYear Six Canberra Study Tour

04jun(jun 4)9:00 am(jun 4)9:00 amYear Two Mont de Lancey 2B/2D

05jun(jun 5)9:00 am(jun 5)9:00 amYear Two Mont de Lancey 2A/2C

11jun(jun 11)9:00 am14(jun 14)9:00 amChinese Study Tour

11jun(jun 11)9:00 am(jun 11)9:00 amYear One Hands on Science Incursion - Light And Sound

19jun9:00 am3:30 amYear Four PrimeSci Incursion

24jul(jul 24)9:00 am(jul 24)9:00 amYear Three PrimeSci Incursion(2) States of Matter

25jul(jul 25)9:00 am(jul 25)9:00 amYear Four State Library and NGV Excursion

26jul(jul 26)9:00 am(jul 26)9:00 amYear Four State Library and NGV Excursion

26aug(aug 26)9:00 am30(aug 30)9:00 amYear 4-6 Swimming Program

03sep(sep 3)9:00 am(sep 3)9:00 amFoundation IMAX and Aquarium Excursion

07sep(sep 7)9:00 am18oct(oct 18)9:00 amF-3 Swimming Program

10sep(sep 10)9:00 pm(sep 10)9:00 pmFun Run

11sep(sep 11)4:30 pm(sep 11)4:30 pmYear One Big Night In

12sep(sep 12)9:00 am(sep 12)9:00 amYear Three Wild Action Incursion

13sep(sep 13)9:15 am(sep 13)9:15 amJunior Athletics Carnival

18sep(sep 18)5:00 pm(sep 18)5:00 pmYear Six Exhibition

14oct(oct 14)9:00 am(oct 14)9:00 amYear Five Media Studies Incursion

16oct(oct 16)9:00 am(oct 16)9:00 amFoundation Incursion 'Dolphin Institute'

17oct(oct 17)9:00 am18(oct 18)9:00 amYear Five Hands on Science Incursion

22oct(oct 22)9:00 am(oct 22)9:00 amYear Six Holocaust Excursion

23oct(oct 23)9:00 am(oct 23)9:00 amFoundation Drama Toolbox Incursion

07nov(nov 7)5:00 pm(nov 7)5:00 pmJunior School Production

08nov(nov 8)9:00 am(nov 8)9:00 amYear Two PrimeSci Incursion

13nov(nov 13)9:00 am15(nov 15)9:00 amYear Three Camp

14nov(nov 14)9:00 am(nov 14)9:00 amYear Five Media Studies Incursion

14nov(nov 14)9:00 am(nov 14)9:00 amYear One Melbourne Zoo Excursion

21nov(nov 21)9:00 am22(nov 22)9:00 amYear Five Radio Awareness Incursion

28nov(nov 28)9:00 am(nov 28)9:00 amHouse Swimming Years 3-6

04dec(dec 4)9:00 am(dec 4)9:00 amFoundation Puffing Billy Excursion

05dec(dec 5)9:00 am06(dec 6)9:00 amYear Four NGV Excursion

2019 School Term Dates

Term 1:  Tuesday 29 January (school teachers start) to 5 April

Wednesday  30th January Staff Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)

Thursday 31st January FIRST DAY FOR STUDENTS YEAR 1-6 TERM 1 2019




Friday 8th March Staff Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)

Term 2: 23 April to 28 June

Friday 31st May Staff Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)
Term 3: 15 July to 20 September
Term 4: 7 October to 20 December

2019 Student-Free Days

Each year government schools are provided with four student-free days for professional development, school planning and administration, curriculum development, and student assessment and reporting purposes.

Term 1: Tuesday 29th January and Wednesday 30th January

Friday 8th March

Term 2: Friday 31st May

Term 3: N/A

Term 4: N/A

* The first day of Term 1 is a student-free day in all government schools to allow for appropriate planning to take place for the arrival of students.

For further information, please visit the VIC Department of Education and Early Childhood Development website