PYP Exhibition




Our students have worked incredibly hard to showcase their learning online. They have produced a diverse range of interactive, engaging and fascinating content to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding around how science and technology change our world. We have a broad range of topics for you to explore, from physics to medical advancements and almost everything else in between.

You will see the learner profile attributes and approaches to learning skills in action as our students wow you with their enthusiasm and passion, their curiosity and inquisitiveness, their commitment and effort and their creativity and knowledge. They have shown many of the skills all learners need in order to be successful – team work and cooperation, communication (speaking and listening), problem solving, being organised, managing time and meeting deadlines, researching and comprehending complex topics, as well as creating new content.

This was a tough time to do exhibition, but they have risen to the challenge and have grown as learners and remarkable young people. The Exhibition is a celebration of our students’ entire learning journey through primary school, before they venture off into the challenges of secondary school. It marks the coming together of everyone who has inspired, encouraged, nurtured and taught them valuable learning skills – parents and carers, aunts and uncles, grandparents, brothers and sisters, teachers, aides, school leadership, office staff and friends and of course the students themselves.