Term Three Portfolio Tasks and How They Relate to the Modified End of Year Report

Last term your child completed three learning tasks. This term we are planning for student led conferences and at the end of the term we will be using the portfolio tasks which are set on Compass in the learning tasks tab. These tasks will be shared during student led conferences and included in our modified end of year report.

We have made some changes based on the feedback from parents we received through the survey at the end of last term. As a result of the feedback, the specialist teachers will plan for one portfolio task for each area which the students will complete over the next two terms. We will also continue to include the student and teacher feedback and add a PYP summative task as well. These items were all valued by parents in the survey.

So this term your child will have four portfolio tasks to complete on Compass designed by their class teacher. These will include a writing, reading, mathematics and PYP portfolio task. The portfolio tasks will include the same teacher judgement as the learning tasks in Term Two eg. working above, working at , working below and not completed. This description is only for the portfolio task and does not represent the whole year achievement. The judgement provided is only for that specific portfolio task. The comments from the portfolio tasks from both the teacher and your child will form part of the end of year report.

As a parent you will receive a year level alert that the portfolio task is to be completed. You will be able to see if your child has not completed the task on your Compass page. The class teacher will send one email reminder if the task is not completed. If your child does not complete this task it will be marked as not completed. We understand that families are operating under very different conditions and want to reassure you it is not the end of the world if your child does not complete the task and just want to make you aware of the process so you can, if you wish, monitor where your child is up to with the tasks.

2021 Enrolments and Departures

Please make sure you submit any enrolment forms to the office as soon as possible as we are currently in the process of confirming enrolments for next year.

If you are planning on leaving Mckinnon Primary in 2021, it would be greatly appreciated if you could notify the school as soon as possible by emailing the office.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Simone and Suzanne