Collected Excursion Levy Refund/ 2021 Credit Process

We hope you are all looking after yourselves and manage to enjoy some simple pleasures over the coming holiday period. We understand this time has many layers of complexity for our families at McKinnon. There have been many twists and turns for us as a school as well.

As you would be aware, Covid-19 has resulted in many of the school events and year level activities being unable to proceed. In this climate it is not possible to ensure events and activities go ahead. As a result of this, we will be issuing credits/refunds for all payments received through the events levy for incursions and excursions that did not proceed earlier in the year, and for all future events that we cannot guarantee will take place in 2020.

There are two options for families who have paid for their events in advance:

  1. a credit on your family account that can be used towards 2021 events or charges
  2. a refund to your family

Click here for 2020 Events Cancelled Refund Process

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You

A huge thank you to our whole school community for their resilience during this constantly changing time we are all living through.

Thank you to the parents who have continually juggled commitment and responsibilities to support their children learning from home. Thank you to our staff who have been nothing short of sensational as they have juggled their own complexities and led their students through this pandemic. Finally, to our kids who have been amazing and inspirational in many ways, as they too have navigated this time in their own way.

Next week we will send out information regarding Term Four organisation for families.

Annual Public Meeting

On 31st August we held our Annual Public Meeting where we tabled our 2019 Annual Report and discussed the target areas in 2019 and directions for 2020. Thank you to Natasha Hosein School Council President who chaired the meeting and to Suzanne Khatib, Andrew Kearl (Mathematics Leading Teacher) and Andrea Truckenbrodt (English Leading Teacher) for their presentations.


R U OK? Day was held on Thursday 10th September. This day is set aside as a national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” if someone you know is struggling. To acknowledge this day students and staff dressed in yellow and discussed the importance of talking to friends and family.

This year has been a particularly difficult year for everyone and we encourage you to check in with others too. The theme this year has been there is more to say after “Are you okay?”  and suggestions are to: ask, listen, encourage action and make a time to check-in later. For further resources on talking to others please visit: 

ZONES OF REGULATION – Emotional regulation tools for the whole family.

Last Friday we sent you a pack of resources relating to the Zones of Regulation that may be of support to you at home. Over the past week teachers supported this further in class by reminding students about the Zones of Regulation and suggesting how they can use this tool from home.

If you click on below link and then scroll down a little bit you will find a fantastic 3-4-minute video called “how to create a zones check-in for home” from the author of the Zones. She describes creative ways to use the Zones with the whole family involved, from creating collages to using lego people to represent the people in your household. I highly encourage you to have a look.

2021 Planning

If you are planning to leave Mckinnon Primary next year would you please let us know as soon as possible.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Simone, Suzanne, Chris and Andrea