Our SRC group have been working hard to collect their class’ thoughts and ideas with the use of a suggestion box. The representatives then present these ideas to all the representatives to work out what they can take action on, examples of this has been playground spaces, starting up lunchtime clubs again, supporting Day for Daniel and developing strategies for keeping the yard clean. 


We are very proud of the educational programs, learning opportunities and activities that are on offer at McKinnon Primary School. We are focussed on providing your children with a comprehensive, fully resourced and up to date education in a clean and safe environment. We also provide rewarding educational experiences in programs such as camps, sport, excursions, incursions, swimming, library program etc. We strive to provide great memories for your children to fondly look back on. We plan for all students to access the curriculum and in all cases there are opportunities for support and extension as required. School Council has recently completed its annual review of the Parent Payment Policy. Parents are welcomed to pay their 2021 Parent Payments prior to the end of the year.


As we look ahead to next year we are very mindful to ensure a smooth and supported transition for students as they move on to their next year level. As a part of this process we have begun our Year 1-6 transition program. The first transition session involved students visiting their 2021 learning areas, talking about what the big events are in the year and expectations in the year level. The second transition session involved gathering student voice. Students will be asked questions such as: what do you care about? What actions do you want to take to improve the world? What things do you need in your classroom to be an effective learner at school? Their responses will be collated and incorporated into 2021 planning for each year level. The teacher who takes these groups is NOT the teacher of this year level or class in 2021. However in the third session the children will meet their 2021 class teacher and visit their new classroom.


Foundation transition comes to an end this week with our new students having their first face to face visit with their teacher. Foundation Transition has looked very different this year with all sessions being held on Zoom for both parents and future students. Last week the Year Six leaders shared their perspective of school life and their leadership roles at McKinnon Primary. The group did an outstanding job. Thank you to Offek, Khushi, Ben, Xavier, Kobe and Matthew S. The parents were extremely impressed by how knowledgeable our students were about what the school has to offer.

Thank you to the Foundation teachers for running the student sessions and Andrew Kearl, Andrea Truckenbrodt and Chris Barker who led the curriculum sessions for the parents and finally thank you to Rebecca Newboult Parent Club President and Natasha Hosein who shared the many opportunities parents have to be a part of our community.


On Tuesday 15th December, the students will meet their 2021 home group teacher and classmates. As a staff, we have focused on creating the most connected learning communities by ensuring teams are placed as close as possible. We are currently finalising teacher placement and will confirm this in the near future.

Please be aware the class placement process is a lengthy one as outlined in the newsletter earlier this term. At this stage late parent considerations are unlikely to be met. Additionally, when building classes, we refer to student friendship requests and teacher knowledge of the way students learn together and nomination of friendship groups by parents is only by coincidence and sometimes matches the child’s request. Unfortunately, these parent requests are difficult to meet.


As we come to the end of our school year, we are looking forward to celebrating with our Year Six students as they come to the end of their primary school years. This event will be held at school this year and will include staff and students due to restrictions on large numbers of people gathering due to Covid restrictions. We are very fortunate we have managed to have the event live streamed. This is a very special time for our Year Six students as they look towards their exciting time of transition to secondary school and they have been involved in planning their celebrations.


All students will receive their Semester Two reports on Friday 11th December via Compass. If you wish to receive a hard copy of your child’s report please inform the office by Wednesday 9th December. 


Returning books is as important as buying new ones so now is the time to check under your beds, on your bookshelves and generally around the house to make sure all books are returned by the end of the year.



More detail on next year to come in our week 10 newsletter.


Have a great weekend,

Simone, Suzanne, Chris and Andrea.