‘Reconciliation Week’ has begun and this was launched at our whole school assembly this week. To commence students and staff sung and watched a special clip of ‘We are Australian’ featuring students from across Australia. 5A students then shared different acknowledgements of country they had written which other classes now have the option to build on, during this next week. The PYP Captains role-played a conversation explaining what reconciliation is and the importance of becoming more knowledgeable to be able to reconcile.

On Thursday 27th May, students and staff dressed in yellow, black and red to recognise and launch this week which runs officially from 27th May to 3rd June. During this time students will be participating and connecting with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through a range of different learning experiences including:

  • bark painting
  • Dreamtime and cultural stories
  • developing their own ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ to share at future assemblies and gatherings
  • investigating the many elements of reconciliation and the significant historical events that make up this week.

We look forward to sharing student learning from this week with you in the next newsletter.


We were very excited to welcome so many parents to the school on Tuesday 18th May for our Open Afternoon/Evening and Student-Led Conferences. We have received extremely positive feedback from families and staff and most importantly our students have commented on how excited they were to share their learning with their family in such an independent way.

If you have not already completed the feedback form (QR code on back of student passports) then please find the link here:

NOON OF THE NOTEABLES                                                                                                             

On Wednesday 19th May, students in Year Six exchanged their usual attire to resemble significant people such as: Mae Jemison, Greta Thunberg, Sir Donald Bradman, Alexander the Great, Malala Yousafzai, Elon Musk, Rosa Parks, Stephen Hawking and Ned Kelly, to name just a few.

Investigating the theme ‘Where we are in place and time’, Year Six students shared their inquiry learning around these significant people with their families at the recent Open Night and again with students across the school the following day. Using key concepts of causation and perspective, students were able to explain why they believed their chosen person was significant and contributed to history or the current events of the world and also the attributes they possessed or developed to allow them to achieve what they did.


On Thursday 27th May, students in Year Three celebrated their new learning from their current unit of inquiry by hosting a photo exhibition. Exploring the transdisciplinary theme ‘How we express ourselves’, students reflected on learner profile attributes of thinker and open-minded to explore a range of art from local and global artists. They used the key concepts of perspective and connection to stage and produce a photo to communicate a personally important message. Students explained the meaning and message behind their work in a video accessible via a QR code at the bottom of their artwork, resembling an audio visual headset experience you may have in an art gallery.

Some of the student messages included: the need to take better care of our environment, road safety and the importance of getting involved in sports and physical activity.

We were very excited to invite Year Three families to come in to view this exhibition and hope that this unit of inquiry and exhibition experience has inspired all our students to think about the many ways we can express ourselves.


Thanks so much to Dylan Hislop and Melanie Kendrick for all their efforts in organising the Year 3-6 Athletics Carnival. We were very lucky with the weather for the two days and we were able to hold all of the events without interruption.

Thanks again to all the staff for their significant support over the two days and also to the parents who came along to cheer on the students!


Thank you to all the parents and staff members who attended the Annual General Meeting on Monday 17th May. This was another opportunity to share with you some of the strategies we have implemented to support achievement, engagement and wellbeing.


Staff at McKinnon will be participating in a Curriculum Day on Tuesday 15th June. The professional learning seminar is around using quality literature to improve students’ writing. This is part of our overall focus on making sure students: enjoy writing, can write effectively for different purposes and audiences. It builds on seminars and professional learning that staff have been involved in over the past two years.

A REMINDER ABOUT: NUDE FOOD an interview with the organisers- Vicky from 6E and Darcy from 6A

What is Nude Food?

It means no packaging that will end up in the bin, even just a plastic zip bag, which will eventually end up in the bin as well!

What do we want students to do?

Nude Food is optional, you don’t need to participate but we want to raise awareness to the school community and change habits of people. Even just bringing Nude Food occasionally is important and makes a difference. Small changes are better than nothing!

Students can participate in the Nude Food Challenge. They record the days they are bringing Nude Food to school and at the end of the month can receive class rewards if they have the most recorded days.

Why is it important?

Nude Food is extremely important because if every student does it just once per week we would reduce the rubbish we produce by 14%!

We would like to reduce the amount of rubbish lying around the school, and stopping it flowing into our creeks, rivers and oceans. This causes a big problem for our environment as these plastics never completely break down and end up in our food chain.


If you have a child who will be starting Foundation in 2022, can we please ask that you drop off your completed enrolment form to the school office as soon as possible.  If you know of a family who is wanting to join the McKinnon community in 2022, can we encourage you to remind them to call the office to organise a school tour. Tours occur every Wednesday.

Further information on our enrolment process is published on our website at:

Just a reminder we always welcome communication from all members of our community. If you have any questions or there is anything you would like to discuss, please contact your classroom teacher or other relevant staff at the school. You can do this through: school diaries or by phone call 95781 851or email

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Simone, Suzanne and David