RUOK? Day is always an important time to remind everyone that any day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” and support those struggling. Last week students spent time in their classes exploring the four important steps involved in this conversation that we promote to students.

A – Ask

L – Listen

E – Encourage Action (this could be talking to your parents or a teacher to get some help)

C – Check-in (make a time later to see how this person is)

The Wellbeing Captains and Student Representative Council put together some extra creative ways to encourage action around this day. Students, made posters, bracelets, chalk-drawing, videos etc. Please log in to ARE YOU OK @MCKINNON TEAM to have a look at more student examples of action.


Last week we started a trial of lunchtime clubs. These are completely optional experiences for the students aimed at providing extra opportunities to share in common interests with other students across the school.

So far, we have experienced:

  • Cat or Toy Club– with Mrs Beattie, Ms Dissledorp and Ms Khatib
  • Footy Club– with Mr Kefaloukos and Mr Barker
  • Fitness Club– with Mr Hislop
  • Dog or Toy Club– with Ms Eirth and Mr Azer
  • Dance Party Club– with Mrs Beattie and Ms Dissledorp
  • Storytime Club– Ms Sweeney and Ms Kendrick

These have involved bringing along pets or toys to share, participating in interactive footy quizzes, exercising to be fit and healthy, dancing our hearts out to some fabulous tunes and enjoying a love of literature. A big thank you to all staff and students involved in these clubs.


On Thursday 16th September we participated in a Virtual Footy Colours Day. This was a great opportunity for students to dress up in their favourite colours of any sporting team or code to celebrate the end of Term Three. Students participated in a range of fun activities such as a best dressed and colouring competitions, as well as a range of engaging learning activities centred around how we can participate in sport and exercise. Thanks to Mr Azer for organising.


Our Year Six students have shone this week as they have presented their learning from their deep inquiry as part of their exhibition. They did an outstanding job. A huge thank you to the Year Six teachers and the mentors across the school for their support of our students during this time.


Planning for the 2022 school year has begun. This task is always challenging and complex and must take into account a range of factors including numbers of students, staffing requirements and of course financial resources.

The rationale of our student placement process:

As students at McKinnon Primary progress from Foundation to Year Six it is expected they will learn to work and relate to a range of teachers and students. We strive to make home groups harmonious in design with a wide variety of talents, abilities and interests. Please note that home groups are not allocated to teachers until groups are formed, in other words it is the dynamic of the student group that is the focus, rather than the teacher.

We endeavour to ensure that students are placed in year level groups that maximise, social and emotional development, learning potential and engagement. Our teaching staff put a lot of time and effort in creating balanced, positive learning environments with consideration for all students within each year level.

The criteria below, acts as a guide for consideration and discussion and are not intended to be inclusive or exclusive of any other. The criteria stated are not prioritised.

  • student academic performance
  • social and emotional development
  • student friendship groups (students will be asked to nominate five learning friends that they feel they work well with, we will endeavour to place them with one of these students)
  • equitable ability spread across all home groups
  • gender balance
  • student-student interaction
  • student learning styles and needs
  • previous teacher placements

If you, as a parent, wish to provide input into your child’s placement, please write an email to Ms Simone Eirth. In your considerations please outline specific strengths, attitudes toward school, learning styles and learning needs of your child. You may also indicate successes your child has experienced in school. Please do not request a particular teacher for your child. A written consideration will be carefully reviewed as one of several criteria used when assigning students to home groups. It is important to note that it may not be possible to meet a consideration as stated.

Forming balanced home groups is in the best interest of ensuring optimal learning for all students. Since we are involved in a consultative process (consisting of many hours) to facilitate the placement of students, we do not anticipate making changes to class placements once they are set. Please do not approach individual teachers regarding student placements in Term Four, all considerations must be in writing and received before Monday 20th September. Like all new relationships, it can take time for students to learn to trust and demonstrate growth with their new teacher and in their new setting. The vast majority of children adjust very quickly to their new classroom with the help of your encouragement and support.

*Please note that emails received after the deadline may not be considered. The date for considerations to be received is Monday 20th September

When emailing your consideration please place 2022 Class Placement in the subject line and email to:


Whilst we understand that the current Year Six students will not be returning in 2022; for other families circumstances may have changed and it’s very important for our planning purposes that we know as soon as possible.

Please email the school on:

or phone the office with the following information:

  • Child/ren’s name/s
  • 2022 Year level
  • Reason for leaving
  • Parents name & contact details

We will continue to keep you informed as our plans for 2022 take shape.


On Thursday we had an exchange of culture led by our LOTE Captains and Mr Meng. It was a celebration of the relationship we share with our sister school in China. Stay tuned for all the details from our LOTE captains in the first newsletter next term. Thank you also to the Year Five team for their involvement.


A huge thank you to our whole school community for the contribution they have made to our students’ learning. Thank you to the parents who have been on the other end of Teams supporting their children and to the teachers who have put their heart and soul into planning and delivering engaging learning and wellbeing opportunities. A huge shout out to the ES staff working in our student support roles ringing students to provide additional support and being a big part of our essential onsite supervision. Finally thank you to the ES Admin Team who have ensured communication has been comprehensive and timely to our community.

Wishing you all a restful break during the holiday period.

We will communicate towards the end of the break the organisation for Term Four once that has become available.

Take Care,

Simone, Suzanne and David