What another extraordinary year this has been with many of us excited to see the year end and looking forward to a fresh 2022.

While this time last year we were hoping for a year of normality it is important to take stock of the wonderful things we have been able to achieve as a school community. In 2021 we have been able to hold: three camps, two sausage sizzles, three-way conferences, parent-teacher conferences, student-led conferences and Open Night, a book week, a science week, RUOKDAY!, a number of excursions and incursions, a PYP Evaluation, and a Year Six Graduation.  One thing for sure, there would be many things that we have achieved that aren’t listed. What an achievement this is considering it was all done around lockdowns.

We extend our greatest appreciation on behalf of all the staff to our parents and carers. We recognise the incredible support you have offered your children and our teachers during home and onsite learning.

A big thank you to you all and wishing you all a safe and happy break with loved ones.


Our Year Six students began their graduation celebrations with a beautiful ceremony on Thursday 9th December. The special ceremony was an important opportunity for all students to celebrate their many successes and achievements at primary school, reflect on their foundational years of schooling and farewell their classmates as they head towards secondary school. It was a joy to invite parents in to share in this special time in the students’ lives. The ceremony was filled with musical performances, speeches, student films and reflections, awards and featured a message from our School Council President Natasha Hosein and from the local member Nick Staikos MP who announced the recipient of the Lorraine Francis Award which was a three-way tie this year. The award was  presented to Chloe, Lara and Kelis for making bracelets and donating the profits to The Smith Family. The ceremony was also live streamed and recorded to enable sharing with extended family and friends during and after the event. A trip to Luna Park and a special picnic day have topped up these celebrations for our 2021Year Six students.

We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to the parent volunteers Katy Lange, Leif Pollock, Sarah Codarin, Angela Efremidis, Phoung Harjanta and Sam Natsikas who have contributed to the organisation of the event and added some very beautiful touches to make this day even more memorable.

We would also like to thank some of our Year Six Parents’ Club volunteers who are leaving us with their last children at the school in Year Six. We would like to thank:

Katy Lang

Alina Kopman

June Zhang

Alice Kay

Tamsin and Jamie Jones

Brenda Macdonald

A huge thanks to all of the above, as well as all those who have supported us as class representatives and at events throughout the years.

A special thank you to Catherine Hales, Mat Smith, Brendan Lehman, Marie Constantinou and Diane Murphy for their organisation in putting this event together, for helping the students prepare reflective responses to share and ensuring the students were well prepared on the big day. We also thank the Year Six Teaching Team for their continual support and encouragement towards students throughout 2021.

The Year Six students attended their secondary school orientation programs on Tuesday 7th December. The majority of students will be heading to McKinnon Secondary College. Students are also enrolled into Bentleigh Secondary College, Glen Eira College, Brighton College, Albert Park College, South Oakleigh, Balwyn High School and a small range of catholic and independent schools. We wish them all the best as they enjoy their last few days at McKinnon Primary School.


It was great to host our second sausage sizzle for the year on Tuesday 7th December. The Parent Club have been brilliant in organising this event. A big thank you to Sukant for coordinating the volunteers and the BBQ and the many parents who volunteered to cook and serve. The students really appreciated the event.


The Junior School Athletics Carnival was a terrific event. A big thank you to Mr Hislop for organising and to all the staff who helped out on the day.


All students will have received their Semester Two reports on Friday 10th December via Compass. Hard copy reports have been made available to those who requested prior to this. If you have any questions regarding your child’s report, please contact your child’s classroom teacher.


A reminder that all students will be dismissed on Friday 17th December A- L 1.20 -1.30pm and M- Z 1.30 – 1.40pm.

Team Kids will offer care from 1.30pm on the final day of the term should supervision be necessary with the early dismissal of students.


All students in Foundation – Year 6 will begin classes on Tuesday 1st February at 9.00am.

Foundation students will begin classes for half a day on Tuesday 1st February (staying at home on Wednesday 2nd February) and then attend another half day on Thursday 3rd February. They will commence full days beginning Friday 4th February at 9am.

If you would like to know any dates for the 2022 school year, please remember to check the Compass Calendar.


We would like to thank all our staff for the incredible commitment they have shown to all our students and the community.

At the end of this year we will farewell Andrea Truckenbrodt who has accepted a position as a Master Teacher at the Victorian Academy of Teaching and Leadership, Sheridan Duffy who has accepted a position at Beaumauris North Primary School, Joe Calderone who has accepted a position at Murrumbeena Primary School, Annie Mao who has accepted a position at Glen Waverley Primary School and Shawnee Arranga who has recently commenced maternity leave. We also say farewell to Adele Varveri, Clare Disseldorp, Mariana Martheze, Shawnee Brennan and Declan Negus, who we hope to see throughout next year for casual support. On behalf of the school community, we would like to thank all of these staff members for their enthusiasm and commitment in providing the very best education for our students and we wish them all well for the future as they embark on new and exciting endeavours.

We also welcome new members of staff to our school Julia Bianchi and Stephanie Henberg as well as welcoming the return of Peter Adshed. Please find attached to this post a list of 2022 staffing for your reference.

2022 Staffing
Principal Ms Simone Eirth


Ms Suzanne Khatib Assistant Principal Mr David Zuker
Learning Specialist- Learning Support Ms Amanda Young Learning Specialist Mr Cameron Azer
Leading Teacher PYP Mr Chris Barker


Learning Specialist English Miss Adrianne Keys
Leading Teacher Mathematics Mr Andrew Kearl Business Manager Ms Jodie Geri
FA* Mrs Lee Beattie

Team Leader    



Mr Mat Smith 5A Mr Cameron Azer
FB Miss Stefanie Henenberg 3A  Miss Julia Bianchi 5B Miss Claudia Bellwood
FC  Ms Angela Henry 3B* Miss Emily Bolin

Team Leader

5C Miss Lucy Curl
FD Mrs Amanda Kumar 3C Mr Andrew Kearl 5D*  Mr Aaron Smith

Team Leader    

1A Ms Claire Brooks 3D Ms Julianne Power 6A* Mrs Marie Constantinou

Team Leader    

1B* Miss Nadia Butta

Team Leader    

3E Mrs Diana Tuyau 6B Ms Mel Kendrick
1C Miss Adrianne Keys


4A Mrs Polly HIslop 6C* Mr Brendan Lehmann

Team Leader    

1D Miss Bianca Tomaino 4B Mr David Kefaloukos 6D Ms Diane Murphy
2A Ms Tania Costello 4C  Ms Peta MacGregor 6E TBC
2B Ms Catherine Hales 4D* Paul Pellegrino

Team Leader    

2C* Miss Stavroula Karabatos

Team Leader

4E Ms Amanda Young




PE TBC PE Mr Dylan Hislop
Language Miss Jing Shan Language* Mr William Meng

Team Leader    

Performing Arts Mrs Sally Baldock


Performing Arts Miss Jing Shan
Visual Art – main building Mrs Emeila Trajkovski Visual Art – outside LC Ms Rochelle Ballard
Learning Support Team
Leader: Ms Amanda Young Ms Amy Dove, Mrs Emelia Trajkovski, William Meng, Hannah Macklow, Marcia Paturzo


Integration Aide Ms Deb Goncalves Integration Aide Ms Shraddha Apte
Integration Aide Ms Jessica Bence Integration Aide Mr Peter Adshed
Integration Aide Ms Violette McMahon Integration Aide Mr Kieren Reith
Integration Aide Mrs Heather Saba Integration Aide Ms Maggie Vriends
Integration Aide Ms Yasmine Irani


Learning Cenrtre Ms Hannah Macklow
Office Assistant


Mrs Gail Petta


First Aid Assistant Mrs Caroline Pinn

Mrs Ana Giorlando

Finance and Office Assistant Ms Patricia White Office Assistant Ms Rebecca Burt



Over the last few weeks, our Year Five students have engaged in writing leadership applications, conducting speeches and participating in interviews for their chosen areas. The students have demonstrated extraordinary skills during this time and many have managed their reactions very maturely if they have been unsuccessful.

It is with pleasure that we announce our student leaders for 2022 below.

We are still in the process of completing the other captain positions and we announce these in 2022.


Please mark in your diary the dates for information night next year as they will come up very quickly. There will be a Zoom link provided closer to the dates.

Information Nights 2022

Date TIME Year Level
Monday 7th February 5.30pm Foundation
6.15pm Year 1 and Year 2
Tuesday 8th February 5.30pm Year 3 and Year 4
6.15pm Year 5 and Year 6
Wednesday 9th February 5.30pm Specialist Areas


Three Way Conferences are also planned for Tuesday 21st February


If you are at the school over the holiday break, if you notice anything concerning, would you please contact Caulfield Police Station on 9524 9500 or 000.

Please note the bike shed is only locked during school hours on school days, so please do not leave bikes and scooters in the bike shed over night as we cannot guarantee they will not be taken as the bike shed is unlocked.

Wishing everyone a safe, restful and enjoyable summer break. Look forward to seeing you all back in 2022.

Simone, Suzanne and David