We had our first meeting of the 2022 School Council this week. At the meeting we:

  • welcomed and inducted our new members
  • elected new executives, Louise Schirmer PRESIDENT, Clement Yeung VICE PRESIDENT, Rebecca Newboult TREASURER, Jasma Sutaria SECRETARY
  • reviewed the 2021 Annual School Report which was endorsed by council and will be shared with the community via Compass and our Annual General Meeting will be on Monday 16th May at 6pm. This will be at school in the staffroom. 


We remind all families to utilise our school crossings when approaching and leaving our school. The school is surrounded by busy streets that provide potential dangers when crossing roads as children travel home. There have been concerning reports in recent times of some students scooting dangerously around our neighbouring streets. Please be sure that any students who choose to ride or scoot to school wear appropriate safety helmets and stay well away from the roads, utilising the footpaths.


Last night it was a privilege to be at our first community event onsite in two years. This event was organised by the Parent Club. They did a sensational job, the president and vice president Rebecca and Robyn together with our BBQ coordinator Sukant and the many volunteers on the BBQ and helping serve, made sure this event was a big success. A big shout out to all the people who volunteered their time to ensure this event could run smoothly. It was a lovely feeling all being back onsite in a relaxed atmosphere where people were enjoying the reconnection face to face.

A huge thank you to Bunnings Moorabbin, Woolworths and Bakers Delight who all donated items for our event. Additionally, The Ormond Ice Creamery were also a big hit last night and they donated to the event as well.

We had a great turn up from our community and generous support from our community businesses as well. Thank you to everyone who came along and enjoyed the event, it was a fabulous celebration!


We have had a number of parents enquiring about ways they can support their children emotionally in 2022. Please find below two suggested supports recommended by our Student Services Team.

“Fear Less Triple P Online” is an online course for parents of children aged 6-14 with anxiety, to help parents understand and manage their child’s anxiety. It includes some fantastic modules about things like avoidance and social anxiety which we know have increased for many students in this post-lockdown world. Please follow this link to find out more.

Please also view this brochure for the Tuning Into Kids Workshops which is a face-to-face set of six sessions to support building emotional intelligence in our students. These sessions are best delivered face-to-face however the team will support you with child-minding if you choose to attend.


A reminder to all parents/carers about the need for all people who help in the classroom, on excursions and camps or any other times when adults are with children, that they require a Working with Children Check. This can be obtained by logging on to the Department of Justice website; Please remember to nominate McKinnon Primary School as one of your organisations when applying.


The Year Four campers have all arrived back safely, looking a little weary after an action-packed camp. The students had a great time with mild weather. Thank you to the Year Four Team for their leadership of this event and additional staff who attended Kieran Reith, Hannah Macklow, Tania Costello, Heather Saba, Brendan Lehmann, Stavroula Karabatos, Adrianne Keys, Claire Brooks and David Zuker.


Please remember that the school term ends early today at 2:30 pm. Our first day back in Term Two is Tuesday 26th April.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday break.

Simone, Suzanne and David