Parents and carers can create a positive environment for learning and work by:

  • modelling positive behaviour to their child/children and to the school community
  • communicating politely and respectfully with all members of the school community
  • working with the school to achieve the best outcomes for their child/children
  • communicating constructively with the school
  • making use of the expected processes and protocols when raising concerns
  • following the school’s processes for communication with staff and making complaints
  • treating all school staff, students and other members of the school community with respect.

Please ensure that you are speaking with respect to all our staff and community members whether that be in person, via phone or email. This is easy to do when things are going well, but of course much harder when communicating around a difficult issue. Please understand we are all doing our best every day to provide a supportive and welcoming learning community for everyone.


What an incredible two weeks of celebrating books we have had! The library looks absolutely incredible and there have been exciting activities in the library at lunchtimes and in classrooms throughout the school with a major highlight being the special F-6 Book Parade.  McKinnon PS was overrun with plenty of “missing” book characters. We do hope all of these characters have now found their books. We were very excited to welcome parents to join in the fun. A huge thank you to all involved in making Book Week such a special event for our community! 


We are very excited about the upcoming Year Six PYP Exhibition. This will be held on Wednesday 7th September. Students will participate during the day and Year Six parents are invited along in the late afternoon to learn from our inquiring and knowledgeable Year Six students. Thank you to all involved in the support of this event. 


A huge thank you to our Parent Club for organising the Father’s Day stall, it was a huge success. Thank you to the parent helpers who came along today and to Robyn and Bec who led the organisation and working parties to create the special McKinnon present that many of our Dads will receive on Sunday.


As we begin our process of deciding on the class structure for 2023 it is extremely important that we confirm student numbers for 2023.

Student numbers this year have grown unexpectedly in some year levels and have remained consistent in others. It is hard to manage unexpected enrolments during the year so that is why confirming the numbers before we begin class structure is critical. In 2023 we will be focused as always on keeping class sizes as low as possible working within the DET budget for classes and the needs of the year levels and their current numbers heading into term four.

Confirming if your child is leaving greatly assists us in determining class structures across the school.  This together with the new students who are arriving for the 2023 school year informs our plan for the upcoming year.

This is the time to share considerations you would like reviewed about your child’s learning before decisions are made about their class structure and placement. So please take the time now to put your considerations in writing and submit them to the school email address by no later than the end of the term. We understand this is early, but class placement takes a considerable amount of time and it is extremely unlikely that considerations raised after class placement begins are able to be considered.

The rationale of our student placement process: 

This task is always challenging and complex and must consider a range of factors including numbers of students, staffing requirements and of course financial resources.

As students at McKinnon Primary progress from Foundation to Year Six it is expected they will learn to work and relate to a range of teachers and students. We strive to make home groups harmonious in design with a wide variety of talents, abilities and interests. Please note that home groups are not allocated to teachers until groups are formed, in other words it is the dynamic of the student group that is the focus, rather than the teacher.

We endeavour to ensure that students are placed in year level groups that maximise, social and emotional development, learning potential and engagement. Our teaching staff put a lot of time and effort in creating balanced, positive learning environments with consideration for all students within each year level.

The criteria below, acts as a guide for consideration and discussion and are not intended to be inclusive or exclusive of any other. The criteria stated are not prioritised.

  • student academic performance
  • social and emotional development
  • student friendship groups (students will be asked to nominate five learning friends that they feel they work well with, we will endeavour to place them with one of these students)
  • equitable ability spread across all home groups
  • gender balance
  • student-student interaction
  • student learning styles and needs
  • previous teacher placements

If you, as a parent, wish to provide input into your child’s placement, please write an email to Ms Simone Eirth. In your considerations please outline specific strengths, attitudes toward school, learning styles and learning needs of your child. You may also indicate successes your child has experienced in school. Please do not request a particular teacher for your child. A written consideration will be carefully reviewed as one of several criteria used when assigning students to home groups. It is important to note that it may not be possible to meet a consideration as stated.

Forming balanced home groups is in the best interest of ensuring optimal learning for all students. Since we are involved in a consultative process (consisting of many hours) to facilitate the placement of students, we do not anticipate making changes to class placements once they are set. Please do not approach individual teachers regarding student placements in term four, all considerations must be in writing and received before Friday 16th September. Like all new relationships, it can take time for students to learn to trust and demonstrate growth with their new teacher and in their new setting. The vast majority of children adjust very quickly to their new classroom with the help of your encouragement and support.


*Please note that emails received after the deadline may not be considered. The date for considerations to be received is Friday 16th September. When emailing your consideration please place 2023 Class Placement in the subject line and email to




Get your shoes, bikes and scooters ready to walk, ride or scoot to school in Term Four!

You will receive a Golden Ticket at the start of Term Four and after an active month, you’ll be able to submit your entry into the draw to win a Fitbit Ace as well as help our school take out the interschool honours!

Mark Friday 21st October in your diaries because we will be encouraging teachers, students and parents to participate in a car free day, so everyone walks, rides or scoots to school.


Student-Led Conferences for Foundation to Year Five will take place on Tuesday 13th September from 3:45pm – 5:45pm.

Student-Led Conferences increase the opportunity for student agency. Student agency “gives students power to direct and take responsibility for their learning, creating independent and self-regulating learners”. (Amplify DET May 2018)

What is a Student-Led Conference?

  • is a discussion and reflection on learning between the student and parent
  • promotes student agency, which is central to the conference as students explain their learning independently
  • teachers roam among four conferences and support students if necessary
  • twenty minutes in length
  • opportunity to visit specialist areas before or after conference time up until 5:30pm.

How do I book?

Please click on this link to book your student led-conference School Interviews

Please know this is a celebration of what your child has achieved and an explanation of how they have learnt. If you do have concerns regarding your child’s progress please make a separate time outside of Student-Led Conferences to discuss your concerns directly with your child’s teacher.

Year Six students will be celebrating their student-led conferences in the form of their Year Six Exhibition.



On the last day of term, Friday 16th of September we invite students to show/wear their colours and show support for their favourite sports team! We are right in the middle of the AFL finals but we also love to celebrate the diverse interests of our school community. Students may wish to wear the colours or uniform of a local team they play in, or their favourite team from any sport around the world. We look forward to the day and showing our sporting colours.


A reminder that 1st September marks our move into wearing hats at school. Please remind students they need to bring their hats to school and wear these when playing outside.


Please remember we will have an early dismissal on Friday 16th September at 2:30pm. Team Kids services will be available from this time if needed.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Simone, Suzanne and David