Nation Reconciliation Week is an important event in our calendar and provides great opportunity to talk about and understand our shared histories, cultures and achievements.

The theme for National Reconciliation Week 2023, Be a Voice for Generations, encourages all Australians to be a voice for reconciliation in tangible ways in our everyday lives – where we live, work and socialise. Teachers have been engaging with students through story, video, ‘Ribbon Flags’ and classroom discussion.

This year every class will have the opportunity to contribute to our ‘Ribbon Flag’ which will be on display at the front of our school. The Ribbon Flag will be created using coloured ribbons representing both the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flag colours.


The AtoSS is an annual online student survey completed by Year Four to Six students. It is offered by the Department of Education and Training to assist schools in gaining an understanding of students’ perceptions and experience of school. Students will be asked about their thoughts and feelings in relation to their school, their learning, peer and family relationships, resilience, bullying, mental health and wellbeing, physical activity and life in general.

Participation in this survey this year is voluntary. Please refer to the Compass Post shared recently for further information on the survey and instructions on how to opt out if you do not wish for your child/ren to participate.


On Tuesday 13th June students are not required to attend school. On this day teachers will be working in teams to target areas of planning and assessment specifically for their year level or specialist area. 


Thanks so much to Dylan Hislop and Maisie Barry for all their efforts in organising the Year 3-6 athletics carnival. Thanks again to all the staff for their significant support on these days and also to the parents who come along to cheer on the students!


On Tuesday 23rd May at 6:30pm we had our Respectful Relationships parent information night with Paul Zappa. Paul provided attendees with a greater understanding of the Respectful Relationships Program and how it helps students learn and practise social skills and apply them in a positive way to learning, life and relationships.

The Respectful Relationships Program has the highest success rate when the whole school community embraces it and we thank all the parents and staff who attended the information night.


Student reports are being released on Friday 16th June. If your family requires a hard copy of your child’s report please contact the office.


The parent teacher interviews will be held at school on Monday 19th June 2:00pm until 4:45pm and on Tuesday 20th June from 3:45-5:45pm. If you haven’t made a booking yet, please log in on Compass.

If you would prefer to have your interview online please email the office with “Request Online Interview” in the subject heading and you will be forwarded instructions of what you need to do. Please include your child’s name, grade/teacher and the time slot you have already booked Compass.

All families must book their time slot on Compass whether planning to be at the interview online or in person.


Please ensure any payments for Incursions, excursions and other school-based activities are made to the office by the due date. Reminders of these activities and payments are provided numerous times before the actual due date and provide sufficient time for families to prepare.

Sometimes families share that it can be easy to forget what they have paid and consented for. The good news is that event reminders are only sent by Compass to the families that are still waiting on consent and payment. This means if you are receiving a reminder that means no consent or payment has been received and your child will not attend.

The due dates are set to provide the school with sufficient information to prepare for these activities which includes payment of hirers, travel etc.

CAMPS, SPORTS and EXCURSIONS FUNDS (CSEF) Applications are closing soon

Parents/carers wishing to apply for CSEF payments for 2023 must submit their application form to the school before 23rd June 2023.

Please use the link below if you are unsure about your eligibility to apply. 


There has been ongoing concern from the school community and our local neighbours with regards to pick ups and drop offs on Collins St.

Some reminders:

  • The pick-up zone allows you to stop while picking up or dropping off your child. This must not take more than two minutes.
  • Do not park on nature strips or in front of people’s driveways. This is very unsafe for children and other road users. It blocks the road and children can’t see any approaching dangers.

Please be advised that parking regulations are enforceable and if drivers choose to park illegally in the street, then they could be booked by the local bylaws officer.

Thank you to all of our pedestrians and drivers who always do the right thing and set a safe and courteous example to others. 


The Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships (RRRR)

​​​​RRRR is an initiative to support schools and early childhood education settings to  promote and model respect and equality. It also supports educators to teach our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. While we have been running this at our school for a number of years, we have identified this as a priority to further support our students in 2023 and to do this well we need to involve the whole community.

Below is a link the RRRR learning materials for all year levels from Foundation to Year 12.

Myth: Respectful Relationships teaches radical gender theory

Fact: Respectful Relationships does not teach radical gender theory. Respectful Relationships promotes respect and gender equality and helps students learn how to build healthy relationships. It prepares students to face challenges by developing problem-solving skills and building resilience and confidence.

Myth: The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships teaching and learning materials are not age appropriate

Fact: The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships teaching and learning materials were developed by leading education experts, who tailored the materials to each year level from Foundation to year 12 and made sure all information is age-appropriate and grounded in evidence.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Suzanne, David and Andrew