Book Week

What an amazing Book Week 2023 we had at McKinnon!

Students and staff across the school celebrated all things books with:

  • all students reading and participating in activities around the special CBCA nominated books in their classrooms
  • special activities in art relating to the nominated books
  • a special “Booknic” – outdoor picnic with books, cushions, blankets and throw rugs out on the asphalt area
  • the Create Your Own Book Mark competition run and judged by the library and art student captains
  • read alouds from different staff in the library each day of their favourite books
  • author visits from Morris Gleitzman, Alisa Wild and Jodi Toering
  • the most visually incredible, creative and inviting library display to celebrate the special week.

Our deepest thank you to all the students and staff who supported in the lead up to this year’s Book Week. We would especially like to thank – the library captains: Jacinta Parry, Anjali Parthasarathy, Rysa Gulati and Melody Zhang and staff members, Hannah Macklow, Marcia Paturzo and Peta MacGregor.

It was also so wonderful to welcome so many families along to the Book Week Parade on Wednesday 23rd August. We have had excellent feedback from students and staff who say they loved holding this parade across the road on the running track, providing a special catwalk experience for the students to show off their costumes. Thank you to all the parents, students and staff who created such amazing costumes which helped make the day so magical for the students.

Foundation-Year Two Concert

We are very excited about the upcoming Foundation -Year Two Concert which is happening today! We will be sure to include many photos in our next newsletter. Students have been practising in the gym this week and there is such a buzz of excitement from the students who have all shared with me just how excited they are to perform in front of all the families.

A huge thank you to all students, staff and parents involved in making this such a special and memorable event. A special thanks to Ms. McCallum and Ms. Shan for their hard work in preparing the students.

Fathers’ Day Stall

A big thank you to our Parents’ Club for organising the annual Father’s Day stall, it is easy to conclude it was an amazing success. Thank you to all the parent helpers who came along today and to Priya who led the organisation on the day.

We wish all our families a wonderful day on Sunday for Fathers’ Day and hope there is lots of gratitude shared within all families to the special people who care for us, whoever they might be.

Meet, Greet and Play Session

Last Thursday morning we held our first ever Meet, Greet and Play session to get to know new students and families who will be joining us in Foundation for 2024. This was a huge success with over sixty kindergarten students attending with their families. This was a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community and welcome them to our school.

It was very heart-warming to watch so many of our confident, caring, welcoming, articulate and I would certainly say patient Year Five students welcome our newest members of the community by organising and facilitating games such as bean bag throw, red-light green-light and chalk drawing. Thank you to these Year Five students – we are so grateful for the effort you put into making this morning such a beautiful experience for our newest students.

Thank you also to Ms Kumar, Ms Arranga and Mr Kearl for their work in organising this new event.

Class Placement- Please email the office by 15th September with “Class Placement” in the Subject Heading.

In Term Three we ask for any requests for class placements for the following year. The reason we ask so early is that the process for formulating the 2024 classes is a long and complex process involving many factors.  If you email us, we will take this into consideration, if you do not email the school we cannot change classes for your child after they are formed.  

This information is crucial for us to have while we are forming the classes as last-minute switches are not able to happen. Our teaching and support staff spend a long time considering all the needs of students when forming the classes, however, if you feel there is something you would like taken into consideration (e.g. separations, pairings or complex needs or experiences) then please email the school at

Every year we have a handful of families that are upset with where their child has been placed. Please do not put yourself in this situation and instead email the school this term with your class placement request information.  

Do not wait until after the classes are formed or into the following year to say that your child needs to be separated from another as this will not be able to happen.  


It is hard to believe that we are talking about sunnier weather arriving soon. However, we want to take this opportunity to remind you that all students must wear their school hats from 1st September. School hats are available to purchase from PSW on North Rd and the school office. Please remember to bring and wear your school hat from the 1st of September.

REMINDER: Curriculum DayStudents Not Required at School on Wednesday 6th September.

Just a reminder that the final curriculum day for this year will be held on Wednesday 6th September.  Please remember this is a student-free day. Team kids are available for care on this day. Please contact them on 1300 035 000.

Please note, we would not typically plan a curriculum day to fall on a Wednesday as we would normally select a Monday or Friday or a day next to a public holiday which supports families to best plan around these days. In this case, we could only secure this particular day for a special guest speaker to speak to all staff about engaging students in mathematics. We thank you in advance for your understanding of this.

Last day of Term Three 2:30 pm Dismissal

Please remember we will have an early dismissal on Friday 15th September at 2:30 pm. Team Kids services will be available from this time if needed.

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Suzanne, David and Andrew