It was an assembly of celebration last week as our Year Six student leaders and Student Representative Council (SRC) received their badges. A big thank you to Nick Staikos MP and school council president Louise Schirmer who came along to share this special event. It was a lovely celebration to be a part of and it was so nice to be able to welcome parents to the assembly to be a part of this event with their children. We look forward to all the amazing initiatives our student leaders will be involved in this year.


The colour run was a huge success and such a fun event for all the students who attended.

Our students walked down to McKinnon Reserve all dressed in white only to return covered in lots of bright colours. This year there were lots of additions that made it even more special such as a fire truck from the Ormond Fire Brigade spraying water as they finished a lap and also Tucker Deli to provide refreshments for the volunteers.

A huge thank you to all the volunteers and the Parents Club for running this event for the school – it is such a highlight on the school calendar. A special shout out to the mystery volunteer/s in the cheetah costume- I heard some pretty incredible feedback that this cheetah was leading stretches and warm-ups with the staff and students just loved it.


Zen Kid Canteen finished their time with McKinnon Primary School on Friday 8th March. We thank Zen Kid for their contribution to the McKinnon community over the past eight months and wish them all the best.

You of course can continue to use AJs Bakery and Classroom Cuisine as per normal, however please remind children they cannot bring money along to purchase lunch from school as the canteen will not be open.

A sub-committee of the school council will be exploring a range of options for the canteen if you have any ideas you would like to contribute to this sub-committee please email the school. 


This a reminder of the upcoming Labour Day holiday. The school will not be open on Monday 11th March, as this is a public holiday. We hope you enjoy this day with your family.


Just a reminder of the curriculum day this Tuesday 12th March.  Please remember this is a student-free day. Team kids are available for care on this day. Please contact them on 1300 035 000.

LAST DAY OF TERM ONE: THURSDAY 28th MARCH – 2:30pm Early Finish

The last day of Term One this year is Thursday 28th March as the next day is a public holiday. As always there is an early finish on the last day of term of 2:30pm.   

NAPLAN test dates – Year Three and Five

NAPLAN testing commences next week for Year Three and Year Five students. NAPLAN testing is online except for Year Three writing, which will remain on paper.  No tests will be administered prior to the dates that are assigned below. Catch-up tests will be available for students who are absent. Catch-up dates may change depending on the number of students who need them.

All NAPLAN tests listed below will be completed before recess on their scheduled days. Catch-ups will be completed before lunchtime. Please ensure your child/ren arrive at school on time.

Day 1 – Wednesday 13th March
Catch Up – Friday 15th March

Day 2 – Thursday 14th March
Catch Up – Wednesday 20th March

Day 3 – Tuesday 19th March
Conventions of Language
Catch Up – Thursday 21st March

Day 4 – Wednesday 20th March
Catch Up – Friday 22nd March

International Women’s Day

Friday 8th March is International Women’s Day. This is another opportunity to highlight and discuss issues around gender equity and also celebrate our wonderful female role models. Our fantastic library has a rich catalogue of picture books, fiction, biographies and non-fiction text that all help teachers and students connect and explore this important discussion.

Arrival Time

We are noticing that a number of students are arriving well before 8:45 am. There is no supervision of children at school prior to 8:45 am. If students arrive before 8:45 am, when the gates open, they must attend Team Kids before school care. As a matter of safety please plan out your morning so your child is dropped off between 8:45 am and 9:00 am.

Suzanne, David and Andrew