Principal’s Blog


2017 First assembly

It was an absolute delight attending our first assembly of the year on Wednesday afternoon. It was certainly a celebration of the PYP Attitudes which are vibrant throughout our learning community.


Student Leadership

We are currently reviewing the structure of our Student Leadership for 2017. Over the next couple of weeks we will be speaking to students about what they think Student Leadership should look like at MPS. If you would like to contribute to the conversation here is your opportunity- please put your thoughts in an email and send to with Student Leadership in subject line.


Three Way Conferences

Our Three Way Conferences were a huge hit on Tuesday night with students sharing their learning goals and parents enjoying the opportunity to touch base with their child’s teacher.

Parent Helpers

A special thank-you to the parents/carers who have already been helping in and around the school. We greatly appreciate the support and our students will benefit from your help and commitment. A reminder that if you are available to help we would really love to have you here. Please ensure you use the iPads to “sign in” at our office and collect your Visitor Lanyard. In accordance with our Volunteer Policy, we require you to provide a copy of your Working With Children Card if you haven’t already.

Foundation Time

Similarly, thank-you to our Foundation parents/carers who have been attending the assessment interviews with their children each Wednesday. This time is a wonderful way to understand each child’s needs and to obtain invaluable insight from you. As these continue through February, I urge you all to embrace the relationship between home and school.

Welcome BBQ

Our Welcome BBQ on Thursday night was a huge success with many families joining us as we celebrated the new school year. Thank you so much to the Parent Club for their organisation of the event.


Meeting with teachers and respecting their Workspace (the staffroom)…

We have very dedicated and committed staff whom are constantly working hard to provide our students with wonderful learning opportunities. Whilst we encourage and welcome the ongoing communication with parents, I ask that parents please try to keep all buildings clear during our pick up times. We value the learning time that we have with your children and hope to maximize our day until 3.30pm. I ask you to please wait for your children outside our buildings until the bell rings. Similarly the start of the school day is a vital time for teachers. Staff often have commitments occurring prior to 9am. Therefore if you require a meeting time please consider crucial teacher times and negotiate a mutual time with your child’s teacher.

Please understand a lot of the work teachers do is in the staffroom and as employees they have the right to have a space where they can have sensitive conversations and discuss students’ private information. So please next time you are thinking about walking through the staffroom because is a quick way through, please respect and consider the staff needs and use a different route. We thank you for this show of respect in advance.

If you do need a space to use please check in at the office so we can find an appropriate space for you.


Students have begun borrowing books. As parents, you have a huge role to play in developing your child’s passion for reading. Your support in reading to and with your children is an invaluable experience that should be embraced in all homes each night! If you are looking for further ways to support your child’s literacy development, please ask your child’s teacher and please read to your child each night!

Swimming Trials

After some fantastic results at our swimming trials, the school has selected a squad of 25 students to represent the school at the District Swimming Carnival to be held on Tuesday 7th March at the Carnegie Swim Centre Pool. Students will travel to and from the venue via bus under teacher supervision. Information regarding the carnival has been sent home with our team members shortly. We congratulate all those swimmers who attended the trials and wish all our district swimmers the best of luck!


Just a couple of friendly reminders which help keep our children safe:

  • Please use the paths around the school and avoid walking through the car park at all times
  • Please support your child/ren to ensure they are not at school before 8.45am or after 3.45pm as there is no teacher on duty
  • Please follow parking restrictions & turning restrictions in our streets during drop off/pickup times
  • Please pay all excursions by the due date so teachers have critical information about numbers of students attending and medical needs. This avoids unnecessary anxiety for both you and your child.



Enjoy your weekend and please remember McKinnon Primary School Council nominations are currently available from the school office.

Simone, Natalie and Ben