2024 Enrolments and Departures

Please make sure you have submitted any enrolment forms to the office. Next Friday, July 28th, is the due date for all new Foundation/ Prep enrolment applications.

You will find all the necessary information on our school website:


If you are planning on leaving Mckinnon Primary in 2024, it would be greatly appreciated if you could notify the school as soon as possible by emailing the office.

School Disco – Let’s Glow Crazy – Thursday 27th July

We are very excited for students to be attending the disco next week. The parents club has done a fantastic job organising this event with more than 500 tickets purchased. As you might be aware the theme is Let’s Glow Crazy, where students are invited to wear a touch of neon or bright colours.

For our F-2 students attending during the school day and 3/4 students attending straight after school at 3:45pm, this may mean they wear a touch of brightness to school for the day. 5/6 students should have time to go home and change before their big event at 6 pm.


We are pleased to announce that the canteen is now ready to go for next week! Remember that orders need to be placed on Qkr! before 2 pm the day before, so for Monday, this will be 2 pm on Sunday afternoon.

Please read the following to help answer any questions about how the canteen will operate.

Students @ ZenKid
Lunch Orders:

  • Lunch orders are available Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Remember AJ’s bakery is still available five days per week on Qkr! and will continue to run as per normal. 
  • All students can order lunch on any of these days. Please ensure you order by 2:00 pm the afternoon before.

Year Level Treats:

  • Set days have been allocated for special year level treats to ensure congestion levels around the canteen are safe and properly managed. These set days may not be required after a period of time. Teachers will take students down just prior to recess or lunch on the following days:
    • Monday  Recess: Year 2         Monday Lunch: Foundation & Year 1
    • Wednesday  Recess: Year 3   Wednesday Lunch: Year 4
    • Friday  Recess: Year 5            Friday Lunch: Year 6 

Ordering Special Year Level Treats:

  • To order a special year level treat – purchase online the afternoon before 2:00 pm.
  • Or send your child with a Spriggy Card or other similar child-based prepaid tap card for payment (not a credit card). For younger students parents may wish to tape their child’s prepaid card in their school diary with a note. F-2 teachers will be asked to check diaries prior to going to the canteen on year level treats day.
  • Remember the canteen is cashless. You do not have to set up a child-based prepaid tap card system for your child. If you do not want to do this, just use Qkr! the afternoon before 2:00 pm.

Parents @ ZenKid
We would love to bring that McKinnon Community feel back again and this may also encourage some parents to park further away from the school and walk in. This would be a wonderful added bonus!

Parents are very welcome to come in and have a coffee or hot drink or snack before or at school drop-off time on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. 

A few important points for parents visiting the canteen:

  • Please visit before or at drop-off time up until 9:00 am.
  • Please do not arrange to do this during the school day (after 9:00 am) as this is learning time for the students. All visitors onsite after 9:00 am need to sign in at the office. Parents who may be at the school to volunteer during hours are welcome to visit the canteen as they will have already signed in as a visitor.
  • Please do not try and use the canteen if your car is in the Kiss and Go area. It is essential that parents stay in their car.
  • Please do not purchase hot drinks for students at 8:59am as they will not be able to have them in class at 9:00 am.

Story Dogs

We are still on the lookout for volunteers to support our Story Dogs commitment. If you know someone with a suitable dog and can volunteer for an hour or so a week please direct them to get in touch with the school or directly with Megan Morgan from Story Dogs.

Megan Morgan

ph: 0409 227 787

email: megan@storydogs.org.au

NAPLAN Results

The school has received the first round of NAPLAN results for students in Year Three and Year Five. We would like to congratulate and celebrate the fantastic job that our students have done this year. We are very proud and pleased with the overall result. This is a fantastic opportunity for our entire school community to celebrate the amazing culture of teaching and learning at McKinnon Primary School. Individual student results with be distributed to families shortly.

Illness at School

As the days and nights get colder you will have undoubtedly noticed some sickness around our community. We ask that you consider the impact that sending sick children to school can have on the whole community. Please see the attached flyer.

August Parent Information Nights

We are pleased to announce two parent information sessions that are coming up in August. The first is in companion with our recent Curriculum Day, where Tony Valance from Building Better Brains will share some tips and ideas for Demystifying Brain, Behaviour and Trauma. Staff found this day incredibly engaging and informative with many practical suggestions for supporting our kids. This will run as a webinar on Thursday 10th August from 7:30- 9:00 pm, tickets are available through the Qkr! app for $5, with us sending through the Zoom link to registered email addresses on the day.

Demystifying Brain, Behaviour And Trauma McKinnon Primary School Flyer 10th August

Our second parent information session will be in person in the school Learning Centre on Tuesday 15th August from 6:30-7:15 pm, focusing on Supporting Students’ Language Learning. The workshop will be run by Kylie Farmer an expert in the field of language education. She will be running the workshop focusing on many practical strategies on how to best support language development in our kids. Tickets for this event are free and are available through the Qkr! app.

Kylie Farmer Parent Workshop 15th August McKinnon Primary School

Hope you all have a great weekend,

Suzanne, David and Andrew